Jazz nights, rock concerts and celebration of life in Plovdiv this week


1st November

Unstable Monuments

The symposium “Unstable Monuments. Remnants from Times of Ideology” is dedicated to deconstruct and analyze today's meaning of monuments from the socialist era. The starting point is a short film by artists Kamen Stoyanov and Katharina Swoboda. It is about the (de)fictionalization of the “Alyosha” figure in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This monument is a vivid example of the entanglement of history and myth-making. Based on cultural theory thinking, the symposium aims to create space for a differentiated discussion about these monuments in cultural and aesthetic terms.

Working language: English

3 pm

Seek the adventure and ride! at Post-Culture Stage

Three bands that love dirty rock and roll and clean beaches will play for you until all your music needs are met.

It's been a while since the last time the local Chongi & the Smokers played. However, the reef machine is lubricated and ready to carry you on the crest of a shock with a loaded dose of energy, garage rock;

Lucky Number Nick will be in Plovdiv for the first time and will bring with them a salty ocean flavor, with their songs full of reverb and drive. They will also present their new EP * When This Shit Is Done I'm Moving to Mexico *;

Time Jugglers have explosive female vocals and a whole bunch of new and varied songs up their sleeve. Their debut album, Stories in Time, is diverse, intriguing and style-rich.

Post-Culture Stage
8:30 pm
Entry: 8 BGN

Empatheast 2019 – Emergency exits from a messed up world

In a world of radicalizing polarities, the “urgent change our system needs”, has become the new routine in any perspective, a random everyday “urgency”. In EMPATHEAST 2019 (1 - 3 NOVEMBER, Plovdiv) we create space for the untold to be told, experienced, shared. And for everyone to become a peace navigator in times of chaos and disillusion.

The experience will change the idea of radicalization - we need a radical good. Radical transparency. Radical stands behind the values that are threatened. Radical art. Radical love.

1 November - Cognitive inspiration
2 November - Collective visions
3 November - Connecting

Detailed program > http://empatheast.org/
Register for free > http://bit.ly/EMPATHEAST2019

House of Science and Technics

Plovdiv Jazz Fest

For a fifth consecutive year, Plovdiv will be jazz! Check out the full program of the festival.

2nd November

Dia De Los Muertos

One of the most meaningful, vibrant and colorful Mexican celebrations is now in Plovdiv.

Día de Los Muertos is a Mexican holiday held to honor those who passed away, and this year we’ll be celebrating in style with:
-  Authentic Mexican tacos and snacks
-  Live Mexican music performance
- Traditional altars on display
-  Mexican shots challenge
-  The best selection of craft cocktails

Lift your spirits with a real tequila from Jalisco and Mezcal from Oaxaca imported straight from Mexico only for this special occasion!!!

Dress up! We encourage you to join us with your finest “CALACA suit”, “FRIDA KHALO apparel” or “sugar skull face” to create a unique atmosphere.


Win 5 days/4 nights accommodation voucher in Mexico!

5 pm

Ревю & Paraplanner live at VOID

The founders of punk new wave music in Bulgaria, the band called Revue, will visit Plovdiv. Support will be Paraplanner.

Paraplanner came together at the end of 2014 to create original music. The band's style cannot be defined in a few words, because their music is inspired by artists working in the fields of R&B, jazz, soul, reggae, hip hop, trip-hop, alternative rock, Balkan and funk music.


Doors: 9 pm
Start: 10:30 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

Snade / Froyd / Beta Live @PCS

BETA (grunge-alternative) from Varna, will play for the first time on our native Plovdiv stage. The guys from the northeast will take all their energy with them and dump it on you, presenting their debut album, which by the day of the concert, you should have already listened to.

Froyd (post-punk, indie) are machines from the capital designed to move you around and show the dark side of Sofia. If that doesn't sound cool enough, they have a saxophone player, and this summer they honored us with their second studio album, which you will be able to hear live if you show up.

Snade (experimental punk, grunge) will appear just when you think you no longer have the energy to invite you into their world of illogical compositions and sincere, cheesy teen lyrics that will make you fill the club with your body fluids. As I said liquids if you want to spoil their set, listen to the EP.

Post-Culture Stage
Entry: 5 BGN on the spot