This week we will take advantage of the warm autumn days with outdoor festivals, documentary and dance performances


18th October

A Simple Space (Gravity & Other Myths): ONE DANCE WEEK 2019

A contemporary circus piece is coming from faraway Australia to premiere on the Bulgarian stage. A SIMPLE SPACE is an extreme demonstration of strength and skills by \ acrobats that will fly over your heads. Hang on because it's all for real.

There’s no safety net or ropes. There is no technical assistance.

The stage is a stripped back circus arena and a spaceport for breathtaking launches for artists who consider gravity a myth. In this raw and delicate performance, the audience will feel the thrill of risk and see every electrical impulse in the acrobats' bodies.

With nothing left to hide behind, personal narratives shine through. These seven skilled acrobats are ready to push their physical limits without reserve and to challenge the laws of physics. This honesty is the essence of A Simple Space.

There is no set and contrived theatrical overlay. There is no fine-tuning, lighting effects or sound effects. There is no make-up or special costumes. No tricks. Instead - brute strength and cat-like agility of real humans supported by driving percussion.

18 October, 8 pm; 19 October, 11 am
Boris Hristov House of Culture

2001: A Space Odyssey

CineLibri in Plovdiv gives us an unprecedented opportunity - a screening of one of the greatest films ever made! The spirit of Stanley Kubrick will again be present at Lucky House of Cinema.

A space expedition to the moon discovers a strange object called the Monolith, which suddenly emits a strong signal to the stars when encountering the expedition. It turns out that it was left there long ago by an ancient space super-civilization to announce when the new space civilization was born and took its first step beyond the planet. The film is characterized by its scientific realism, the introduction of new special effects and the use of ambiguous, provocative pictures and sound instead of the usual cinematic techniques.

2001: A Space Odyssey is Stanley Kubrick's imposing magnum opus, one of the most influential films in the genre and in the history of cinema in general. 50 years ago it was regarded as a work with experimental aesthetics that was too avant-garde for its time. The script addresses topics related to human evolution and technology, artificial intelligence and extraterrestrial life.

Lucky House of Cinema
6:30 pm

100% Plovdiv

This unusual documentary performance "enters" into the local community and selects 100 of its representatives.

The selection process can be described as a chain reaction - only the first participant is chosen by Rimini Protocol and VOX POPULI Documentary Studio. He/She should know the city well and be willing to launch this ambitious project.

He/She has 24 hours to recommend another participant who then has 24 hours to find the next one and so on until the last participant is chosen. They all should meet certain statistical criteria like gender, age, neighborhood, social status, marital status, political bias, and represent a mirror image of the local community.

In the final performance, the actors are all united on the stage - creating a choir that has never been rehearsed and being a sea of voices on a 100-square-meter stage.

These 100 citizens create a living, breathtaking portrait of the city: partly theater, partly reality, but 100% Plovdiv.

18, 19, 20 October
7 pm
Plovdiv Drama Theater

19th October

The big boy in the little bar

This Saturday, Barber&Cat will open the winter holiday season with the person they opened the bar with two years ago. If you are longing for Mash Mitak’s cocktails, you will be able to enjoy them again! Make a reservation as you know Barber&Cat is a boutique space.

9 pm

A night with Khаnъ and FON in Plovdiv

Black Nebula Events presents:
A night with Khаnъ and FON in Plovdiv!

Post Culture
8 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

Electric Orpheus I October Edition 2019

The twelfth edition of Electric Orpheus will be held in an urban setting, in the historically first official park of Plovdiv, the Dondukож Garden. The music program will start with a DJ set by TApWATER & Friends. Following them, the Croatian trio ŽEN will take the stage, and the evening will conclude with a musical selection by Zdravo Zac Kuzmanov from XRaydio.

The organizers have also provided workshops for children, an open reading space in the park and a presentation and action on how to make a cleaner event.

Beers and cocktails will be served by Hills Beer and Tatratea Bulgaria.

Dondukov Garden
4 pm
Free entry


A landscape seen in portraits. The lost island of Adata, Plovdiv, can barely be seen in the pictures – just as it is barely noticed by the city. The nature:culture ratio has been overturned; nature has become a small spot on the map, a blind spot. The place where people used to go on family picnics is now abandoned, surrounded by the city, run over by the bridgeway. It has lost the blooming optimism of the word “island” as a synonym of “oasis”, a safe ground in a sea of trouble. In another version of the present Adata would be an island where nature starts to rewrite the Robinson story, starting anew.

Adata, hell. To get here you have to step down, to descend. In our own version of the present, the island has a light but pervasive post-apocalyptic aroma. The territories reclaimed by nature do not become automatically a virgin forest. Under all that verdure you can step on a discarded bottle of household chemicals – or an animal bone. When you’re under the bridge, you are defenseless against anything that might be thrown from above. And though life may be bubbling all around you, you don’t feel peaceful, you don’t feel restored to the prehuman garden of beginnings; you feel fear. And guilt.

In Terminal, you will see the island through its impact on several human faces. We cannot know what it is in itself; what we have is the shadow it casts upon us. According to some schools of psychoanalysis, a “shadow” is the side of our consciousness that remains eternally invisible but also eternal in the power it has over us. The blind spot, the wounded place. How are we affected by a world where nature is a weak, prematurely defeated parent? Are we expecting retribution – or somehow hoping it will come our way?

Adata, hell, is a play about an Edenic garden that will never be the same. Because we have been there.

19 October - 03 November
Opening: 19 October, 7 pm

Beer & Vinyl w/ Fukko

Wunderbaer invites us to the first Beer & Vinyl party of the season. On Saturday, behind the decks will stand the talented Fukko who will make us dance with his modern disco and boogie sound.

5 pm
Free entry

Focus Poland: Second Nature & Welcome

Second Nature

Earth. A garden that provides living space but for one species. Polish choreographers Agata Siniarska and Karolina Grzywnowicz study nature, its healing powers, its symbols and dangers in order to present a radical contemporary read on the Holocaust trauma that followed legendary dancer Pola Nireńska throughout her life.

A Polish-born Jewish performer and choreographer, Nireńska left the country and, after much hardship, settled in the USA. She struggled to confront her memories and pain through art and became a leading figure of modern dance who eventually ended her own life. Siniarska and Grzywnowicz, both representative of a younger generation of dancemakers, draw inspiration from Nireńska’s life and work to develop a very personal performance.

5 pm


Aurora Lubos reaches out to the Western world for compassion, although many have already turned her down. In Poland, her home country, among others, the refugee crisis has caused anger and slammed doors. What would a contented European feel towards the outsiders, those strangers fighting for survival? Are they truly welcome?

The choreographer poses this question to the audience and the broader public, both in Poland and in Europe. Her powerful solo is a plea for humanity in protest against ignorance. It is a call to those who live in safety but are reluctant to take in others— those who flee war, conflict, oppression, death, hunger.

„The piece was my commentary on immigrants dying at sea, a transposition of those images onto our Polish, tangible reality.” – Aurora Lubos

A key element of the show is a rendering of the performance From the Water, which took place on a beach in the Polish town of Sopot in mid-October 2015, in recognition of World Refugee Day.

8 pm
Boris Hristov House of Culture

Swing in Space Party

This Saturday we are going to space on an intergalactic swing adventure!

On the spacious dance floor at Bee Bop Café, we will discover unknown corners of our dance universe, and at the bar, we will find drinks that are out of this world! Chief astronaut DJ will be Bogdan Kovachev, who will inspire us with the best swing jazz songs in the entire galaxy.

Bee Bop Café
9:30 pm
Entry: 5 BGN

The Great Value / Vol. 5

The motto is "Healthy spirit, drunk body!"

With the care of the city and its well-being, we send to you, the People, an invitation to open the campaign for The Great Value's candidacy for music editor. We are closing down after the last voter has fainted.

There are no ballots. Bring colorful pens.

Rock bar Download
10 pm
Free entry

21st October

European Eyes on Japan

Ongoing since 1999, this project consists in inviting to Japan photographers who are working in Europe to record for posterity images of the various prefectures of Japan on the theme of contemporary Japanese people and how they live their lives. The curator is Mikiko Kikuta. This collection will prove an opportunity for Japanese to reacquaint themselves with aspects of their daily lives that they have tended to overlook and for Europeans to deepen their understanding of Japan and become more familiar with the distant presence of the distant Far Eastern country. The photographs shot in various locations around Japan are collected the following year in the “European Eyes on Japan” publications and in exhibitions featured in cities throughout Japan and the European Capital of Culture. Works that have completed the exhibition circuit are then donated to their prefectures of origin as part of the cultural heritage of their later generations. The project is carried out every year, with the intent that all 47 Japanese prefectures ultimately be photographed.


The selected photographers are Vladimir Pekov from Plovdiv and Alessia Rollo from Matera. The residence in Japan was in March/April 2019.

21 October – 27 November
Opening: 21 October, 7 pm

22nd October

Swing in The Post

We’ll gather Plovdiv’s swing dance enthusiasts at The Post for another refreshing dance night. Inspirational music will stir our spirits and the bartenders will seduce us with quality drinks.

The Post
9 pm
Free entry