This week in Plovdiv is full of events - dance shows, film screenings, contemporary art


4th October

In Adata

In Adata
an arthouse film by Bodygraphics & Театър на отговорността

Adata is a symbol, a metaphor for those parts of the city that are not perceived consciously and are not part of our daily lives. Places that have vanished from the collective memory. We know they exist, but we don't have them on our minds. Constantly present and absent, they become abandoned spaces, living their own lives. Spaces that begin to tell their stories, with or without our involvement.

Barbara Földesi – producer/choreography
Boris Zafirov – director
Tsveta Ermenkova – dramaturgy
Petko Tanchev – visual design
Ivan Palejkov & Krasimir Atanasov – camera /editing
Lisa Stewart – sound design
Maria Slavcheva – anthropological research

8 pm

SOMA (Martin Talaga): ONE DANCE WEEK 2019

In this performance, the main protagonist is the human body in all of its beauty and ugliness, possibilities and limitations. What the human body is capable of expressing and what are its limitations?

Martin Talaga is a Prague-based artist, working as a dancer, choreographer and performance artist mainly in the field of physical theatre and contemporary dance. During the years has had a chance to cooperate with various Czech choreographers, theater directors and companies, such as LATERNA MAGIKA – National Theatre, VerTeDance, Spitfire Company, Radim Vizváry, Věra Ondrašíková as well as with Csaba Molnár (HU), Matthew Rogers (US) and others.

As a choreographer, he has already produced several successful productions – Thirsts, FAUNUS, and SOMA – this choreography won two national dance awards, including the Czech Dance Platform Awards. Besides contemporary dance, he is also interested in experimental and visual work and traditional folklore dances.

SOMA is now becoming a part of ONE DANCE WEEK’S 2019 edition. Talaga aims at revealing how to body is merely a pack of what’s inside of us – a cover that might be beautiful but not enough. We have become colder, we care less and without realizing it, we have turned to be more robot-like than ever before. We are slowly but surely losing what makes us human.

Boris Hristov House of Culture
7:30 pm

Kai Fx

Kai Fx /Wismar, Germany / has been on the European club scene since 2005. In addition to his characteristic, deep and fresh DJ signature, Kai is also known as an event organizer, an advocate for the development of the independent electronic scene in Germany. For over a decade he has led the Klangkulisse project in Jessendorf, which aims to preserve and develop club culture beyond the borders of the big city. Kai is also the organizer of the SimSalaBoom Electronic Music Festival.

Maria Luiza
7 pm


Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Falshimento is a DIY music podcast and two DJs with playlists and new songs from the underground, post-underground, and over-ground. For the second time - for the first time - live in Plovdiv, club FARGO. 2019 music, hits, and retro.

Club Fargo
9 pm

FreeSteps (HORSE)

FreeSteps – NiNi was created on the sixth year of existence of HORSE’s FreeSteps project= A solo dance for unconventional spaces, FreeSteps–NiNi refers to neither goals, concepts, and allusions, nor detailed arrangement. The performer gets dance free of fixed imagination, expectations and assumptions.

By researching different aspects of time and space, choreographer Su Wei – Chia creates different concepts of physicality.

In FreeSteps-NiNi a woman is performing a dance free of fixed imagination, expectations and assumptions while elements around, including landscape and spectators, become materials for the creation.

Boris Hristov House of Culture, foyer
9 pm
Free entry

5th October

CineLibri in Plovdiv

This year the Cinelibri Cinema Festival will shoot viewers of the city of Plovdiv in the fifth dimension.

Check out the incredible Tony Servillo on the big screen, watch "An Officer and a Spy" - the new Roman Polanski movie directly after Venice. Enjoy Casanova's latest love, peek behind the scenes at Cyrano and more.

Lucky Cinema
5 – 20 October
Tickets at the box office and online

Chapter 3 (L-E-V Company): ONE DANCE WEEK 2019

The performance by L-E-V Sharon Eyal | Gai Behar is highly anticipated and will premiere on the 26th of September in Germany. Bulgarian audiences have the opportunity to see the performance ahead of many international festivals and theaters.

Chapter 3 continues the theme of love following the company’s previous two productions – OCD Love and Love Chapter 2 – and displays the distinctive dance vocabulary of Sharon Eyal and multimedia designer Gai Behar. They founded the L-E-V Company in 2013 and their performances quickly became worldwide events of the unique dance, multimedia, drama, and fashion. The music by Ori Lichtik, оne of the founding fathers of the techno scene in Israel, adds a typical soundscape of the works of the company, the name of which includes the Hebrew word for heart (lev).

CHAPTER 3 focuses on processes of repair and coming to new arrangements. Stay tuned for more details.

Boris Hristov House of Culture
5 October (Saturday) – 8 pm
6 October (Sunday) – 7 pm

Nasko (Stereofox crew) at The Post

On Saturday at The Post we will combine the good mood with tasty drinks and cool music, which Nasko from the STEREOFOX crew will take care of.

The Post
9 pm

Celebrating 50 years of Woodstock at Baba Yaga!

Dear Children of the Earth, this year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, and to put a mark on this iconic festival that revolutionized modern-day pop-culture, the team at Baba Yaga has decided to make an event for it. We will be watching the great documentary that came out this year called "Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation" from 17:30. It will be followed by an open discussion if the vibes are right. And of course, a Woodstock themed party with music that was played at the festival! Be there on time for the start of the documentary you don't want to miss it!

Baba Yaga
5:30 pm

6th October


We can close our eyes but we can't close our ears. To listen is something inevitable.  As already John Cage observed, even if we are closed in the soundproof chamber and we can't hear the sounds of the surrounding, we hear our blood circulation and nerve system. But we usually don't pay that much attention to the everyday sounds.

"Monologue" is an interactive listening sculpture that serves as an acoustic amplifier of “small sounds” in the surroundings. Similar objects were used on a larger scale as acoustic locators in the pre-radar era to locate enemy aircraft, or on a smaller scale as simple hearing trumpets. The Monologue makes possible to listen in detail to the diverse soundscape of the riverside of Maritza river, inhabited areas, passing traffic and many more.

On the southern shore of Maritsa river in Plovdiv, at the platform by the river alley opposite the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water - Plovdiv
4 pm

8th October

Wind2Win Screening

The movie presents the story of the challenge taken by two young athletes and enthusiasts who cross 300 km windsurfing from Durankulak to Rezovo in 3 days.

The inspiration for this documentary is the story of Iliyana Stoilova and Yoan Kolev, who realized the first windsurfing challenge in Bulgaria and their unconventional way of drawing our attention to the important problem of plastic pollution of the Black Sea.

After the screening, we will talk about marine topics and everything that excites you about the movie, about the cause of the clean Black Sea and about the two creators of this adventure.

The movie is sounded in Bulgarian and with English subtitles.

8 pm

10th October

Invisible Cities

Invisible Cities is a program of art in public space delivered in different types and forms of experience. Lectures/meetings/workshop/screenings/interventions/performance/happening-situation in public space will turn to contemporary art, apart from visualization and imagery, to the more invisible, contemplative register. Art in public space is not so much dependent on the public space as it is on the extent and form of interaction and engagement of the author with what surrounds us. The spatial contextualization, poetization, intensification, and reformulation of both art and the physical landscape through art are at the heart of the Invisible Cities.

The project is open and we invite everyone who wants to become involved not only as an audience but as participants in the rediscovery of spaces and the creation of new meanings in them.

Participants: Aliks Akantha, Andrey Vrabchev, Bilyana Tsanova, Darena Geogieva, Dimitar Grozdanov, Dobromir Ivan, Georgi Ruzhev, Hristina Dyakova, Iliya D. Stoyanov, Ina Valentinova, Ivo Ivanov, Marina Genova, Marta Sabeva, Mitch Brezounek, Prodan Markov, Raymond Statev and Trifon Tashev, Stefan Klein, Valko Chobanov, Velizar Dimchev, Ventsislav Zankov, Veronica Prezdarova, Yanko Velkov - Yanets, Yordan D. Radichkov, Zofia Kuligovskaya
DJ Khan Asparouh, KEi, LESNIK, VJ Arid, YvesO and more.

Selection: Yovo Panchev

Different locations in the area of Sahat Tepe/Danov Hill and Maritsa River
10 – 13 October