Concerts, performances, and exhibitions in Plovdiv this week

20th September

Versus at BALLY CLUB

DJ Versus's appearances behind the decks at Bally Club have been sporadic for years and we all know what to expect from them. The music that Versus has produced is a dance club hybrid between tech, tribal and progressive house, and Bally is one of the places where he presents his more club sound.

Bally Club
10 pm

Back to The '00s by Linn

This Friday we will return to 2000 and the hits we all know and love to sing. Selector Linn will take care of the music selection, and if you want to make it even more thematic, put on a retro outfit and let’s party.

The Post
9:30 pm

Northern Impact: Into the Void

Northern Impact returns to Plovdiv to give an unforgettable evening to its fans! At the third NI event in the city under the hills, we will meet two brands that are part of the London underground scene. Arocalyrto is an organization made up of Bulgarian artists who have presented a number of successful events on English territory. 10B is an event organizing brand created by two people in love. In addition to music partners, Emma Yasumi and Oliv3r are life partners. The evening will be decorated by residents Kamelía & Vass Nikoloff. They will be as usual side by side behind the decks and will offer their powerful techno set in 'Northern Impact' style. The date is special for Kamelia - she will be celebrating her birthday.

11 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

Electronic Summer | Miroslava Katsarova @Bezisten

One of the most beloved jazz artists Miroslava Katsarova is coming to the stage of Bezisten, where she will perform her new program Electronic Summer, part of her national summer tour.

Katsarova and Miroslav Turiysky's trio created a program focused on hybrid speech and the interaction between acoustic instruments and electronic expressions. This combination is a trend in contemporary jazz-derived music. Miroslava Katsarova creates a musical narrative of new and re-arranged plays with special attention to pauses, space between the tones, electronic and acoustic details.

ROCK'n'BAR Bezisten
8:30 pm

Mood for Food Street Fest

Have you ever wanted to get lost in the aromatic temptation of all kinds of delicious things everywhere or not realize that the weekend was over, sucked into live music and entertainment at every corner?

All 25,000 food lovers who passed through Plovdiv last year know that it is quite possible. That is why in the second edition, you will be able to feed your senses again. From September 20 to 22, at the Little Main Street in Plovdiv (RaykoDaskalov St), the most delicious festival that promises to provide food for all the senses awaits you. It will bring you into a world where eating is at the center of everything, but there will also be other entertainment around for the perfect weekend under the setting summer sun.

You can't imagine it? Let us help you: you go down the street - a juicy burger on the right, delicious Italian ice cream on the left, hot chili next to it, and even further - an abundance of juicy meats. Of course, if you’re careful with your diet and have eaten too much seafood over the summer - dried fruits and healthy bars await you with sweetness and lots of vitamins.

And if you are wondering if there is anything to get distracted by while choosing your next food destination at the festival, remember that Mood for food is a place that will give you food and temptation for the other senses. You will be able to listen to cool music in an urban atmosphere, participate in many workshops, and children may join the innovative programming club! We challenge you again to test your mind in the festival escape room, make a henna tattoo and do so many other things!

The Little Main Street
20 – 22 September

21st September

Nigel Kennedy

In an exciting musical journey, the extravagant violin master takes us with works from his latest album - Gershwin's compositions, a selection of Bach's plays, his own song The Wizard of Lublin and the best of all his albums. Along with him will be the stage musicians he has worked with for years - Boyle Doug [guitar], Peter Adams [cello], Piotr Kulakowski [drums] and Rolf Bussalb [guitar].

Ancient Theater
7 pm
Tickets at Eventim

E t e r n a l

A spacecraft is scheduled for landing in the Western district of Plovdiv. Landing is expected for September 21, Saturday, around 7 pm. The saucer will stay in place for at least a week and will be visible only after the sunset. Will it stay or fly away... We don't know that yet. But we are all invited!
Let's meet there and take the most of the transgalactic knowhow. The atmosphere is going to be extraterrestrial and made for dancing to the sound composed by Ola Ko and made for dancing to the special interference of the Plovdiv based DJs denitza & sayulke. Bring your cosmic outfit!

what is it about?

artistic intervention in public space
author: Kamila Szejnoch

where: Bratska Mogila (Hillock of Fraternity), Plovdiv, Bulgaria
when: September 21-29, 2019

This artistic intervention is a game with the existing monument "Hillock of fraternity" (Bratska Mogila), opened in 1974 on the 30th anniversary of the September 9 coup, or the so-called Socialist revolution, in Bulgaria. The figural sculptures inside the monument also commemorate the regaining of independence of the country (1878), which was previously part of the Ottoman Empire. The monument is reminiscent of a tomb and is also dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives during the Balkan war, the WWI and the WWII.

The monument is a modernist version of the Thracian mound, it is 23 meters high and 90 meters in circumference. Authors of the monument are arch. Lubomir Shinkov, arch. Vladimir Rangelov and sculptor Prof. Lyubomir Dalchev.

As a remnant of the times of communism, it is neglected, covered with graffiti, usually closed, and the once eternal burning candle has long gone out.

In September, with the help of multi-colored light and sound, the form will come alive and turn into a UFO.

YokoLove b2b Varola at BALLY CLUB

On Saturday, Varola and YokoLove will present the perfect music selection for you to be perfectly tuned to the wave of groovy beats. In their selection you will hear melodic and vocal Deep/Tech with deep bass lines, passing through the rhythmic and dynamic Groovy Tech, sometimes with Spanish and Oriental elements, reaching to Underground and Tech House sound.

Bally Club
10 pm

10 years Oratnitza

“Time flies by! It feels like last month we were busking on the streets of Sofia, like last week we played our first gig at Club Twins and like yesterday we started roaming the continents. Ever since we got the band together we’ve been on a rollercoaster ride, fighting through some hard times, enjoying regular euphoria, being astonished by our growing audience, sticking together! We’re still here and growing, with 3 albums in our pocket and so many wild stories to tell you. Come and hear them, or even better, be a part of them.”

9 pm

22nd September

Swing All Stars Jazztet

The swinging formation SWING ALL STARS JAZZTET presents musicians of different generations, born and/or beginning their careers in Plovdiv, who have proven themselves on the national and international stage. Among them are Alexander Kumanov - guitar, banjo, vocals, Atanas Hadzhiev - saxophone, clarinet, vocals, Pavlin Pavlov - trombone, vocals, Dimitar Sirakov - double bass, tuba and Stoil Ivanov - drums, and the leader of the formation is the prominent trumpet player Ventsislav Blagoev. The participation of Marina Gospodininova - vocal is also striking. The program includes songs from the Golden Age of Jazz - the composers include the names of George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Fats Waller.

Roman Stadium
7 pm

24th September

The Beauty We Share

A unique exhibition of a series of art-books and objects created collaboratively between families in Stolipinovo, artist Hannah Rose (United Kingdom / Bulgaria) and social anthropologist Nikola Venkov (Plovdiv).

The works displayed reflect years of co-creating a space of dialogue, exchange, and imagination. Members of four families worked in collaboration with the Artist and Social Anthropologist in the most deprived area of Stolipinovo. They created artworks, shared skills, mentored and most importantly, listened to one another. The resulting exhibition effortlessly unveils artistry, resilience, and beauty built by people in Stolipinovo despite the challenges they face. Locals still see creativity and aesthetics as an important part of their lives. The overarching theme of Beauty emerged naturally, as did the stories of encounter which tie together the whole exhibition.

The exhibition showcases the results of the process, in the form of handmade art-books, collaborative illustrations printed on silk, and objects that became enmeshed with the personal relations we were building.

The exhibition is part of an ongoing conversation and process between the participants that will continue with a larger installation in November in SKLAD (Plovdiv). It takes place with the financial support of the program "Socially Engaged Arts" of the Bulgarian National Cultural Fund, and with the support of Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture and FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion.

25 – 27 September
6 pm
Opening: 24 September, 7 pm

25th September


“Positive” is a multilayered image of reality - as it is or as it isn't. Some people can see it, others can touch it, hear it or feel it. At a quantum level, it is necessary to see not only with our eyes but also with our mind. Positive is a project that deals with the power of human spirit and thirst for life.

The project presents a few profiles of visually impaired people in the form of audio-visual installations.

The “Positive” idea is with the help of contemporary artistic means to reveal the real essence of this group of people. Their straightforwardness and spontaneity, their positive features, experience, and unique abilities.
The artistic components are planned so that the visually impaired people themselves take part in their creation. The components have a simple design but when combined they form different and unusual audiovisual environment for us. Galina Krysteva, Svetoslav Cvetkov, Pancho Karamanski, and Bogomil Karkov got involved in the process. We will introduce them to you here and at the exhibition.

The main purpose of the project is to attract people`s attention to visually impaired people. They have specific needs that create differences in their perception of the world, dealing with others and mobility. The accent of “Positive” is on presenting the active aspect of the sightless and helping the rest of the society to get a glimpse into the world of the blind.

The project has a social purpose and a research character.
The main participants in this project are people with visual impairment but it is aimed at the whole society.

The project name is a combination of the definition of “positive” as a term in photography - a real image on a film; and the psychological term, according to which “positive psychology studies the strengths and the virtues, which make individuals and societies thrive.”

Youth Hill Adventure Center
3:30 pm