We will be touring the galleries and museums this weekend, and next week we are celebrating the Old Town


Photo: Theodor Karakolev

13th September

NIGHT Plovdiv 2019

After a one-year break, NIGHT Plovdiv returns between September 13 and 15, 2019 under the motto “Common Place”.

Traditionally, the main part of the NIGHT will be the Plovdiv Museums, Galleries and Ateliers. They will present exhibitions and artists on special projects at NIGHT Plovdiv and as part of their annual program. For its "white night", the vibrant city will also open many community centers, libraries, religious temples, and community centers.

In Club and Music, the culture will be transferred to an informal, but no less exciting atmosphere, and the children's program, the so-called Small NIGHT will feature special events and many adventures for the youngest visitors to the 3-day festival.

Between September 13th and 15th, Plovdiv's shared spaces - streets, squares and gardens - will also be artistically transformed and become real media, thanks to digital events from the Creative Media Lab at the Ancient Theater exploring the interaction between art and new technologies, developing an environment with an interactive laboratory atmosphere. The Creative Media Lab is curated by visual artist, set designer, artist and video designer Petko Tanchev.

FLUCA presents: Gossip Column by Markus Krottendorfer

The project in Plovdiv is specially created for the space of FLUCA. After his journeys to Portugal, France and Spain, Krottendorfer created a series of photographs, based on the study of the postmodern practices in architecture. He took pictures of buildings by Ricardo Bofill and Claude-Nicolas Ledoux which have rather specific columns – as if outside the architectural traditions of the time in which they were built. The artist studies the meaning of the column as an architectural/conceptual element in the different historical time periods and directly adds effects onto the photographs, as a literal postmodernist gesture that overturns and reformulates tradition.

In addition to the photographs of the columns, the FLUCA space also features a solid replica of the column by Ledoux, on which Krottendorfer adds an additional element as a spatial continuation of the interventions in the photographs.

It was no coincidence that this remarkable installation was set up exactly in Plovdiv, where the Roman antiquity has coexisted with the architecture of many other periods and has persisted to the heritage of the socialist city planning or modernity.

Markus Krottendorfer is one of the most prominent Austrian artists working in the field of contemporary photography. He works in an international context and has participated in projects of the mumok museum in Vienna, the MAK Centre in Los Angeles, Kunsthalle in Vienna, the National Gallery in Sofia, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rjeka, Camera Austria in Graz among many others.

13 September – 2 October
Opening: 13 September, 7 pm


On Friday, at Bally Club will be the young DJ and producer ИVAN. He will offer you another piece of modern music selection, presented with great mood and dynamism.

Bally Club
10 pm

16th September

Old Town Celebrations 2019

The Old town is always alive, always sparkling, always inspiring! Its ancient lights shine in the very soul of our beloved Plovdiv, and its beauty, like a fire, engulfs anyone who touches it.

From September 16 to 22, the most exquisite jewel in the crown of the European Capital of Culture will reopen its heart for all lovers of valuable art and exciting events!

There will be virtuoso music, spectacular performances, fascinating flavors and aromas, artistic masterpieces and countless possibilities, and this time we will rediscover thousands of centuries-old reasons to be proud of the picturesque houses and ancient cobblestones of Ancient Plovdiv!

Inspiring encounters with art and culture in even more inspiring places, such as the Ancient theater; Roman stadium; the small basilica; Balabanov House; Hindliyan House; Stambolyan House; Danchov House; The house of Dr. Stoyan Chomakov and many more!

17th September

The human scarecrow - an exhibition by Stella Dreis

Each of us carries both the good and the bad. In certain situations, one of the two may manifest itself and it is up to us if it will overcome.

Such reflections on the dualistic nature of man are the subject of the latest book by illustrator Stella Dreis with a text by Michael Stavaric entitled "The Human Scarecrow". In this exhibition, we will see both illustrations from this book and some of her previous projects.

Labyrinth Gallery
17 – 29 September

19th September

Japanese Puppet Art Week - Japanese Puppet Art Week

The puppet-theatre performance 'The Prince of the Sea and the Prince of the Earth' created especially for the programme of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019 is inspired by the traditional Japanese Bunraku theatre, based on the famous story of the two brothers whose love for the Dragon Princess of the Ocean gave birth to the first Japanese emperor – a classic Japanese legend for love, trust, the given word and meaning of life.

Puppet theatre
7 pm