This week in Plovdiv we'll listen to live music, talk with artists from six countries and have fun at a city carnival


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23rd August


This Friday, Pepo will take care of the good mood of the guests in Bally club - always well prepared to surprise the audience in the best way. He is well-known to fans of the electronic club culture as one of the most respected DJs and successful producers in Bulgaria.

Bally Club
10 pm

Hayes & Y: safeplace. (EP) | Plovdiv

Hayes & Y will present their new EP "safeplace." in Plovdiv with a concert at Konushnite. Tickets for the event are now on sale for the price of 10 BGN. On site, the price will be 12 BGN. You can buy yours here.

8 pm

24th August

Guerrero at BALLY CLUB

The talented DJ Guerrero will be visiting Bally Club on the fourth Saturday of August! He will present his diverse musical palette filled with dynamic and energetic sound that will definitely make you dance.

Bally Club
10 pm

Mr. Nobody @Bar The Post

This Friday, behind the decks at bar The Post, there will be a bar pioneer who had made over 9,000 people get, a Sofia Maina! That's right, Topcho aka Mr. Nobody has picked up healthy hits and is back in the city under the hills after a month's trip to the sea for a hard party!

The Post
9 pm

Electronic Summer | Miroslava Katsarova @Konushnite

Following the April premiere of Electronic Dreams, Miroslava Katsarova's latest concert program, it's time for a summer series of concerts, which in turn are titled Electronic Summer.

Mira Katsarova and Miroslav Turiysky's trio created a program focused on hybrid expressiveness and the interaction between acoustic instruments and electronic expressions. This combination is a trend in contemporary jazz-derived music. Miroslava Katsarova creates a musical narrative of new and re-arranged plays with special attention to pauses, space between the tones, electronic and acoustic details.

9 pm

Hillock Carnaval

Why carnival then?

Because six Balkan astronauts will play extraterrestrial music inside the Hillock of Fraternity. A free orchestra will play the old urban folk tricks to their conductor in the heart of the Hadzhi Hassan neighborhood. Hot Serbian power jazz will be served double portions at the flee market by the Russian market. And then the Mars express will cut through the night as if on its final trip starting at the Central Railway Station, blowing its ambient-rock whistle.

Why carnival then?

Because it’s a fest you have never listened to.
If you are not on your seaside holiday on August 24th and August 25th, you better be in Plovdiv to hear the wave of new music, rising up from the Balkans. The label comes to be the slow-burner local hub for creative and non-genre music in the region. This year, the "Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019" Foundation sent us on a mission to lay the foundations a different festival. A musical carnival that will showcase our rich and diverse crop at the wildest original Plovdiv locations, summoning new, enthusiastic followers of the intriguing fresh music.

Line-up and schedule:

August, 24th, Saturday
10:00 - Space Trio / LavljiDaniDima - the Hillock of Fraternity
20:00 - The Hadzhiorchestra - 39, General Skobelev (the Hadzhi Hassan Neighbourhood square)

August, 25th, Sunday
~9:30 - Dragon’s Fuel - the flee market by the Russian market (dare to spend the morning there, anything can happen at the flea market) :)
20:00 - Zemljani / Кервиз - Plovdiv Central Railway Station

Free entry

25th August

Opera Open - Orpheus and Eurydice

Due to the great interest, OPERA OPEN adds an additional date for Orpheus and Eurydice by Gluck - a performance by Stefano Poda, a production of Opera Plovdiv!

Impressed by the rich heritage of the Thracian lands, the top director preferred the invitation of Opera Plovdiv to recreate the legend of Orpheus at the Ancient Theater in 2019 instead of engagement to the Arena Di Verona. Poda says: "This hero of myth and music, this symbol of melodrama, which is born and reborn and continues to live forever thanks to its extremely deep roots, unknown to most people, ideally connects the birth of theater and modern Europe with the land around Plovdiv. That is why presenting this title in the Ancient Theater is an extremely high symbol, in addition to being a unique opportunity. ”

Ancient Theater
8:30 pm
Tickets at the box office of the Opera and the Eventim network

28th August

Orlin Pavlov - First floating concert

For the first time, Orlin will sing on a special stage in the water on floating pontoons. Its construction has been entrusted to the creators of the installations for Christo Yavashev’s project The Floating Piers.

Along with some of the best musicians in Bulgaria, Orlin Pavlov will perform his greatest hits, songs from the album "A Little More ...".

Fans will witness and directly participate in the filming of the key final scene of the movie "Return" by director Niki Iliev, dedicated to the magic of Plovdiv.

Rowing Channel
8 pm
Free entry

29th August

Swingin' Thursdays in August

Thursdays don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

Gingertale is the place where local swing mafiosos go. Every Thursday evening Kapana pulses under their dances and even the pavers move under the sound of jazz.

A mysterious mixed drink can be found at the bar, which can inspire every passer-by to try another drink and why not dance!

9:30 pm

FLUCA presents ADATA AiR | artist talks

On the stage of FLUCA artists from 6 countries will talk about their artistic projects, which will be realized in Plovdiv, in the months August/September, as part of the project ADATA AiR. They are part of the many international artists, who realize ideas about Maritsa river since the beginning of 2018. On Thursday evening you will see and hear:

+ Bert Jacobs (Belgium) and Ari-Pekka Leinonen (Finland) - "Eldorado TV", audio-visual performance with interactive elements.

+ Marta Jarabo (Spain) - "Error on the Map", artistic intervention in an urban environment

+ Mila Panic (Bosnia/Germany) - "From Adata with Love", performance

+ Jens & Morten (Denmark) - "People's Kunsthalle", installation and happening

*all presentations are in English

8 pm