This week in Plovdiv we will enjoy music, dance and street festivals


Photo cover: Dimitra Lefterova

13th May

13th International Festival “Balabanov’s House Music Days” - Spring 2022

Dates: 13 May - 30 June 2022

Locations: Balabanov House, The Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis, Small Early Christian Basilica, The Roman Stadium

The 13th edition of the international festival will once again offer the audience an exciting encounter with musicians from the world stage.

Concertmaster of the Vienna Philharmonic

Keep an eye on the festival websites for more information:

The Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis




ONE DANCE WEEK is the largest forum in Bulgaria, dedicated entirely to contemporary dance. The festival started in 2008 and since 2017 is part of the Plovdiv ECoC 2019 programme. The 13th edition of the International Festival of Contemporary Dance and Performance ONE DANCE WEEK in 2021 is implemented as part of the Legacy programme.

ONE DANCE WEEK presents in Plovdiv some of the most interesting and significant performers and practices in the field of contemporary dance from the world. The programme of the festival presents companies and choreographers who provoke the audience with a different and diverse range of ideas.

The 14th edition, planned for May - June 2022, plans on performances from France, Norway, Portugal, Canada, Korea.

The trend of expanding the scope of the already known format of the festival with "country in focus" continues and in 2022 the spotlight is focused on Portugal.

The festival programme will also feature premieres produced within the large-scale European project BIG PULSE, of which One Dance Week is part as the only representative from the Balkans among European dance festivals.

The 2022 edition takes further steps for sustainability and development of the new multi-channel digital platform ONE FOR ALL, which launched in mid-2020 continues to create quality online content - texts, podcasts, videos. A number of events are programmed to take place throughout the year - lectures presented by leading figures in the field of contemporary dance; workshops led by choreographers who will visit Plovdiv; rich online content that presents the most significant contemporary dance artists "behind the scenes" or with their performances.

House of Culture Boris Hristov

13.05 – 05.06.2022


The Egg - Temporary Exhibition

The temporary exhibition The Egg will be opened at the Unification Hall (1 Saedinenie Sq.) on 13 May at 18.00 h. It is the special initiative of the Regional History Museum - Plovdiv for the International Museum Day (18 May) and the European Night of Museums (14 May) and presents the personal egg collection of Dr. Vanya Velkova and cultural treasures from the collection of the Regional History Museum - Plovdiv. The exhibition will be opened by Dr. Stefan Shivachev - Director of the Regional History Museum - Plovdiv, and the official opening includes a public lecture by Dr. Vanya Velkova and a musical program.

For different peoples, the egg is a symbol of new beginnings, new life, birth, Christianity, resurrection, immortality, fertility, infinity, strength, health, love, child... It is an object that unfolds the endless fantasy of the people, who turn it into a work of folk as well as modern art. The egg is a ritual object with a strong symbolism that comes from deep antiquity and continues into the future. Traditions and festivals around the world are associated with it.

The cultural treasures from the collection of the Regional History Museum - Plovdiv, which will also be included in the exhibition, are Easter eggs presented in 1939 to the mayor of Plovdiv, Bozhidar Zdravkov, by Tsar Boris III and Tsarina Ioanna.

Unification Hall (1 Saedinenie Sq.)



Z.I.P. at The Post

The girls from Z.I.P. return to the bar for a crazy party with great music.

The Post Bar

9pm – 3am




Entrance + Free Shot - 10Lv

 Entrance + Free Shot - 5Lv for Ladies until 0:30 h.

Dress Code: White




Groove Party with Paff, Vladis & Shishkaveli 13.05.2022

On May 13th, Paff, Vladis & Shishkaveli will be behind the pult in Bally Club who will take care of your good mood with their groovy selection.

We start the party at 20:00 in front of the entrance of Bally Club, and from 23:00 we continue upstairs in the club.

Bally Club



14th May

Socialist Architecture Tour

The Socialist Architecture Tour is focused on the building styles from the period 1944-1989. Together we will explore some of the most important public buildings in Plovdiv as examples. We will be able to enjoy the monumental art that decorates them and find out more about their functions during the communism. Also, we will observe the change of the regime itself through the changes that accrued in architecture.

After that, we are heading to the Alyosha monument on the top of Bunardzhik tepe from where we will enjoy a marvelous view.

This is a free walking tour in English. 

City Hall (1 Stefan Stambolov square)



Wine and Gourmet Festival 2022

The Wine and Gourmet Festival 2022 will take place on the third weekend of May /14 and 15/. Once again we will surprise you with a record number of participants and a real celebration of flavours and emotions. The picturesque courtyards of the romantic houses in Plovdiv's Old Town will be a meeting place for wine and food producers with wine and gourmet lovers from all over Bulgaria and the world.

Festival locations - 15 locations in Plovdiv Old Town. All locations can be seen on the map:

Wine tasting hours - Saturday, May 14th from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm, Sunday, May 15th from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Festival participants - 63, including 40 winemakers

Access to locations and booths - Visitors are free to walk around and explore the courtyards of the locations as well as the booths of the participants.

Wine tasting - It is done with tokens, 1 token = 1 tasting of one type of wine. 

Where to find tokens - There is an information booth in front of each festival location with staff from whom tasting kits can be purchased.

Types of tasting kits:
- One kit with 4 tasting tokens
- Three kits with 12 tasting tokens
- Branded glass
- Leather cup holder
- Textile bag for two bottles of wine
- Tasting set 1 /glass, leather holder and 8 tokens/
- Tasting set 2 /glass, leather holder, 8 tokens and bag/
* The glass is branded with the festival's logos and a professional tasting form.
* The textile bag is branded with the festival's logos and has space for two bottles of wine.

* The glass cup holders and the textile bags are produced by the Municipal Social Enterprise for People with Disabilities - Plovdiv. The purchase of the items supports their work as well as the socialization of people with disabilities.

!!! The tokens can be used in all festival locations. Unused tokens are valid for the following wine festivals. Tasting tokens are placed in special boxes located at each winemaker's booth. The tokens are valid for the wine tasting only.

Tasting and Food - The food vendors' booths are independently organized. Each producer decides whether or not to offer free samples for tasting. Each food producer sets their own prices for their products. Anyone wishing to purchase food items can do so directly at the producer's festival stand.

Festival events - During the two days of the festival, numerous educational and entertaining games and activities will be held in the Old Town. Participation is free of charge as long as there is no condition and limit on the number of seats and/or participants.

Plovdiv Old Town

14.05 – 15.05.2022


6Fest Plovdiv 2022 X | Street art festival

The tenth anniversary edition of 6Fest Street Arts Festival will present 20 events, including 16 workshops and open classes and 4 performances. For the first time, the festival will take place over 7 days in three consecutive weeks. The main festival programme will be from 20 to 22 May, and the additional programme, mostly dedicated to street arts workshops for non-professionals will be on 14, 15, 28 and 29 May. Nearly 80 artists from 12 groups will take part, as well as one solo artist.

In the spirit of the European carnival tradition, the main event of the festival is a carnival parade along the main pedestrian street of Plovdiv "Knyaz Alexander I" with participants from different formations of the festival - dancers, circus artists, stilt artists.

Participants in the tenth anniversary edition will include Ashton Ka, Skrin Travelling Theatre, Igrachka-Plachko Circus, Combino Project, The Center (Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo), Dance Home, Emotion Dance, Sleepwalkingz, Fireter Fire and Shadow Theatre, Duende Dance Studio, Pantarei Studio, First Italian Legion Historical Reenactment Group, Chameleon Theatre.

14/05/2022 - 15/05/2022

20/05/2022 - 22/05/2022

28/05/2022 - 29/05/2022


Follow the event on Facebook for more information about the programme and festival participants:


Nina Nikolina - Jazz and Traditions Vol. 2

Myths, legends, stories told in a modern way by a voice you can't go wrong with. This is NINA NIKOLINA Jazz & Traditions.

The concert will be the first time the new songs that will be included in the upcoming music album Jazz and traditions Vol. 2

The audience will enjoy Bulgarian folk songs that are looked at in a different way from the traditional, bringing together folklore, ethno jazz, flamenco and vocal and instrumental improvisations.

On stage with Nina Nikolina will be Kalin Velyov - drums and percussion, Martin Tashev - trumpet and vocals, Miroslav Turiyski - keyboards and Tanya Parvanova - vocals.

The concert will include not only the new songs in the singer's repertoire, but also the Bulgarian folklore classics such as "Izlel e Delio", "Lale li si, zyumbyul li si", "Nazad, nazad, mome Kalino", "Master Manol", "Saint George", "Pusta mladost", "Elenko", "Katerino Mome", "Gyul devoykya", presented in a modern mix of ethno and jazz.

The audience will also hear the songs "You" - a hit of the decade, which sounds like the soundtrack of Hollywood movies using Bulgarian folk songs, and the Macedonian folk song "Yana".

Bee Bop Café



European Museums Night 2022 – Plovdiv

Plovdiv's museums and galleries open their doors for European Museums Night 2022! 



Czechoslovakia Vodka @The Post / Ivan Dyakov Guest Bartender / DJ Support by Coolblue

Plovdiv is always a good idea! This Saturday (May 14) we are visiting The Post Bar and we invite you to have a drink.  To make it even better, our brand Ambassador Ivan Dyakov will whirl behind the bar with a few original drinks with Czechoslovakia vodka, which will taste good over the weekend under the hills.

The Post Bar



Urge To Dance pres.: Dario Dea x Packim @ Club VOID

The endless exploration for the music that evokes an uncontrollable urge to dance makes a stop at Club Void, Plovdiv, on May 14th, Saturday. The Bulgarian record label Urge To Dance invites two of the hottest rising talents of the Melodic House & Techno scene: Dario Dea & Packim.


11pm – 7am


Street Music with Giorg 14.05.2022

GIORG is a creative and talented DJ with a modern view of electronic music, who will present an up-to-date selection, which is a guarantee of mood throughout the evening on May 14. On Saturday we will start the party from 20:00 in front of Bally and it will be officially Pre- Party at @Urge To Dance pres Dario Dea x Packim @ Club VOID

Bally Club


16th May

QUIZ NIGHT – General Theme

Offline Quiz Night is a traditional and proven quiz in which you can not only prove your knowledge, but also have fun.

We will challenge you in four rounds, and even if you do not win, you will leave with pleasant emotions.

The quiz is tight, fast and does not overdo it with its hospitality, but it is enough not to leave you with an unsatisfactory feeling.

Admission: BGN 5 per person

Offline Café



COW by Martin Karbovski

COW is a modern absurdism, taken from the contemporary information flow, destructing the logic of the past. The dramaturgy is based on the news psychological automatism that modern society trusts and which often misleads us or leads us to the wonder of today.

The author's achievement in COW is the approach to the text - as the mantras of electronic communication and political template are woven into the ordinary domestic yet biblical story of the infinite value of the animal lost from the herd.

As well as its return, which turns out to be the bargain of the age woven into the idioms of the new liberal ideology.

In reality, the COW is a metaphor for the socio-political relations of today, culminating in an absurd but legitimate outcome guaranteed by the vulgar incest of the interests of the little man with the pathological political crudity of modernity.

Director: Lyuboslav Nedelchev
Painter: Konstantin Valkov
Digital Environment: Katrin Krasimirova
Sound Environment: Lyuboslav Nedelchev
Starring: Vladimir Solakov, Alexandra Koycheva, Chris Atanasov/Mikhail Mikhailov, Todor Kirilov, Simeon Dimov, Lyuboslav Nedelchev, Antoan Petrov-Andy

Boris Hristov House of Culture



17th May

Screening in Plovdiv of WE THE POWER - "The Power of People" PATAGONIA films

"The Power" movie tells the story of communities across Europe that take power from big energy companies to put it back in people's hands. We recommend that you take 40 minutes to watch this truly inspiring film and get acquainted with the topic. We have prepared subtitles in Bulgarian so that the content is accessible to anyone who wants to watch the film.

After the screening we have planned a discussion with the participation of experts from "For the Earth" and guests with experience in energy independence, with whom we will discuss the opportunities and prospects for citizens of Bulgaria to become energy independent, saving energy and personal funds.

Club Fargo




Every Tuesday Bachata in the Cuban bar in Plovdiv

Casa de Cuba

8pm – 12am


18th May

Short film with Wallace and Gromit

Our second edition of the year is dedicated to the outstanding master Nick Park (winner of four Oscars) and three of his short stop motion animations for the magic duo Wallace and Gromit.

The comedy franchise for the iconic couple is considered one of the cultural treasures of Great Britain and originates from these three animations about 30 years ago. This time, as you can guess, our films will be suitable for younger viewers.

Here's what awaits you:

The Great Excursion (1989)

Wallace and Gromit have run out of cheese, and this gives the animated duo a great opportunity to spend their holidays on the moon, which, as everyone knows, is made of cheese.

The Wrong Pants (1993)

Gromit is kicked out of his own home by a new tenant, who is in fact a ruthless criminal. The penguin is planning a robbery, for which he will use Wallace and his mechanical pants with remote control.

Smooth shave (1995)

When Wallace and Gromit go to wash windows, Wallace falls in love with the owner of a wool store named Wendall. Gromit, meanwhile, has been charged with killing a sheep and has been jailed.

Club Fargo



The Cosmic Valya Balkanska – National Anniversary Tour 2022

The Folklore Ensemble for Song and Dance RODOPA - Smolyan is proud to present on May 18 in Plovdiv, in Complex SILA the start of the national anniversary tour The Cosmic Valya Balkanska. In the multimedia concert-performance, directed by Adrian Petrov, the musicians, singers and dancers of the ensemble and the special guests stand next to the legendary Valya Balkanska on stage.

We all know and are proud that for years the otherworldly voice of Valya Balkanska has been soaring in space with the performance of the song "Izlel e Delyo Haydutin", which is included in the golden plate of the Voyager. Her voice travels among the stars, but Valya Balkanska herself does not stop travelling on earth and meeting her loving audience. This large-scale performance is a tribute to Valya's talent and love for her audience, whom she will be able to meet with a series of concerts across the country, the schedule of which will be published soon. The premiere is on May 18 in Plovdiv, in Complex S.I.L.A.!

Complex S.I.²L.A



19th May

State of Emergency

Stefania Koleva, Zdravna Kamenova and Bogdana Trifonova captivate the audience with an original script based on true stories from the time of the quarantine in the stand-up comedy State of Emergency.

Bogdana, Zdravova and the scriptwriter Svetoslav Tomov have described in a very colorful way their experiences, tired and bored by the seriousness of the situation, the lack of money, the crisis, the scary news, the people with the patches, the people without masks, the online training, worried by the lack of work, hairdressers, personal space and any normal social life.

The three actresses tell hysterically funny stories of how they themselves survived the 60 square meter blockade with their husbands, children and pets and are not afraid to call things by their real names. Surely people in the audience will recognize themselves in these stories and realize they were not alone in this complicated situation.

The play promises laughter, good cheer and a different take on the everyday life we have all been put in.

Complex S.I.²L.A