In August Plovdiv is like a midsummer night's dream


Photo: wilicharakchiewa

9th August

Krembo at BALLY CLUB

The well-known Krembo will return to Bally Club this Friday for an exclusive party. With years of experience in the Belgian underground scene, London-based Krembo will offer us his specific and modern sound from deep house, melodic tech house and techno inspired by labels such as Diynamic, Innervisions, Ellum, Afterlife, Pampa, Fryhide.

Bally Club
10 pm

Kaj dzias by Living Space Theatre

It is believed that you can always hear the music where the Gypsies are, even if there is no food to eat. That makes their life easier.mA performance of theatre and dance. From rituals, magic, songs, dances, and journeys to robbery and persecutions. A story from different perspectives. Sometimes a little bit poetic, but sometimes extremely literal. About Gypsies? About humans? Feel invited to the meeting with weirdos, aliens, artists… We want to understand something about us by looking at the others.

’Kaj Dzias’ is inspired by Gypsy culture – known and perceived from a perspective of polish people. This colorful collage of music, songs, dance, and texts about Gypsies combined with the performers' stories is an extraordinary opportunity for spectators to enter into one special world. ‘The journey, an inevitable part of the history and life of the Roma people, also refers to the modern times. Where are we going? What do we want to achieve?

Post-Culture Stage
9th and 10th August
7 pm
Free entry

10th August

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The concert A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a joint project "Let’s Meet in Music" by young musicians from the Bremen Youth Symphony Orchestra with conductor Stefan Geier, the Plovdiv Ladies Choir Trimontium with conductor Vanya Atanasova and the Rodina Choir. They will present the beauty of the symphonic music combined with the grace of the choir.

Dreams, illusions, desires... A Midsummer Night's Dream takes us into the ancient Greek world of love, the moonlit forests and the kingdom of fairies. The music of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy adds an emotional spirit to the poems of Shakespeare, and two young talented Bulgarian actors participate. The Bremen Youth Orchestra is one of the most representative German ensembles, and its longtime conductor Stefan Geier, with the help of young musicians, recreates unity, authenticity and passion. The soloists' accompaniment accompanies the vocal parts of Mendelssohn's music.

Ancient Theater Plovdiv
9 pm


The young and talented DJ and producer ИVAN will make his debut at Bally Club on Saturday. He will offer you another piece of modern music selection, presented with great mood and dynamism.

Behind the bar, they promise us our favorite drinks with unique flavors of specific and unconventional ingredients.

Bally Club
10 pm

Depeche Mode live tribute by PIF

The beloved Bulgarian band PIF will get in the shoes of Depeche Mode. We will hear In Your Room, I Feel You, Personal Jesus, Enjoy The Silence, No Good and more through their hearts and hands.

9 pm
Entry: 10 BGN

11th August

Kapana Drums #1

Drums and percussion will be heard in Kapana. Kapana Drums brings together musicians Viktor Velchev and Alexander Evtimov-Shamancheto, who will bring a total of 30 percussion instruments to the stage, and will encourage passersby to look for the rhythm of the music within themselves by playing together on stage.

The idea of the two artists is to awaken in people the authentic sense of community through some of the oldest known instruments of humanity. The gathered people will create a spontaneous tune that brings together the voices of each one. In addition to being a musician, Alexander is also a psychotherapist. He shares that percussion is an effective method of fighting stress and tension and developing one's personality by expressing and channeling the creative impulse. Victor, for his part, added that he was convinced of the power of music to heal, inspire and unite people.

The organizers add that the drum sessions are suitable for children, but it is recommended that they be accompanied by an adult.

5 pm
Free entry

13th August

Ginger Milonga

We will once again dive into the magic of Argentine tango in a wonderful place with a perfect dance floor! Gingertale will welcome us with unique cocktails and warm hospitality! As always, Mata will take care of the music!

9 pm

14th August

Crazy Town Live at Rock Bar Download

Crazy Town is an American rap rock band formed in 1995 by Bret Mazur and Seth Binzer. Best known for their 2000 hit "Butterfly," which reached number one on the American Billboard Hot 100 and helped their debut album The Gift of Game (1999) sell over 1.5 million copies. Their subsequent album, Darkhorse (2002) failed to achieve the same level of success, contributing to the band's breakup in 2003. Mazur and Binzer reformed the band in 2007 and released their third album, The Brimstone Sluggers, in 2015.

Now they will be exclusively visiting Plovdiv at Rock Bar Download!

Automatic Flowers will warm up!

Rock Bar Download
8 pm

15th August

Swingin' Thursdays in August

Thursdays don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing!

Gingertale is the place where local swing mafiosos go. Every Thursday evening Kapana pulses under their dances and even the pavers move under the sound of jazz.

A mysterious mixed drink can be found at the bar, which can inspire every passer-by to try another drink and why not dance!

9:30 pm