Here are the most interesting events this week

Photo: Victor Tsonev

26th July

Жлъч, Григовор, Гена at Konushnite

Post-Culture and Konushnite present:


An invitation was also made to Vladi Aprilov and Erata Relefa/ Erata Conan, but unfortunately, they refused.

On the other hand, three people will come in the summer, with whom we will boast in the future that we lived at the same time. A depressingly small number of Bulgarian musicians can catch the time they live in and make it their own, simply and directly speaking the thoughts that we have not yet formed in words or are yet to be born in our heads. Zhlach, Grigovor, and Gena are a combination of courage, skill and harsh honesty (which includes everything beautiful and abominable, which is life). When we talk about them, we know what we are talking about because they have said it.

Tickets: 12 BGN on the spot
Doors: 7 pm
Live: 8:30 pm


Friday night at Bally Club is bestowed on the best hits of house music. DJ ILIYAN will stand behind the decks again! You can expect a positive and dynamic musical selection, dancing until the morning, with cheerful and smiling party people.

Bally Club
10 pm

27th July

One year 7 Films Lab

7 Films Lab invites us to their first birthday. “A year went by as a joke in a thousand photos, hundreds of films and prints, and countless emotions. We’ll be glad to celebrate this moment together, and so we have prepared small surprises and a lot of fun,” say the photographers. Our friend from The Post will delight us with specially designed cocktails, and Pink Tsonk will take care of the music.

The Post
8 pm

FLUCA party | Eagles of Def Leppard + Ge Ra

Psychedelic rock n roll and punk rock on Saturday night at FLUCA from:

- Vienna-based Eagles of Def Leppard

- Ge RA, who selects music since 2010 at festivals and concerts in Sofia and Plovdiv. In her list, she selects genres such as punk, rock & roll, garage, 80's disco, wave, synth-pop, electroclash, and more.

7 pm
Free entry

Hip-Hop Session at BALLY CLUB

Saturday night is the time for dancing and unforgettable summer emotions with DJ T-Wet, who will stand behind the decks at Bally Club, where we'll party hard with a combination of summer hip-hop rhythms and a massive underground sound.

Bally Club
10 pm

28th July

Raft of the Maritsa

As part of the Adata AIR programme, artist Serge Ecker, in collaboration with Alexandra Dimitrova, are building a raft to sail down the Maritsa river. Their journey begins with a collection of unneeded materials from local residents in Plovdiv. Using these recycled materials, and through the help of local builders, they are making a raft to float down the river.

The project directly references the painting by Théodore Géricault titled, "Le Radeau de la Méduse" (1819), depicting a raft of survivors after a horrible shipwreck during the 19th century. It is a powerful work, which had a direct statement to society at the time; exposing the nightmares of humanity and bringing to surface the incompetence of the authoritative figures.

The 2.0 version, or the "Raft of the Maritsa" (2019), should be seen as the sustainable social and environmental antithesis of the rather gloomy original story. The project focuses on the relevant nightmare to our society today; the amount of garbage we accumulate, and even, how little of it gets recycled or thrown out properly. This work intends to raise awareness about recycling and how to avoid an environmental catastrophe.

8 pm

30th July

Bulgarian summer in Kapana exhibition

A rich exhibition of naive works by well-established Bulgarian artists, working in Bulgaria and abroad:

Alexander Yanakiev
Dimitar Vetsin
Mariana Kalacheva
Stoyo Garnoev
Nikolay Angelov-Garry
Yana Ilieva
Ivana Makedonova
Anita Nencheva
Georgi Nenchev
Stella Stefanova
Dafina Terzieva

Art Naive Kapana gallery
6:30 pm

31st July

The Power of Women and Their Place in Different Cultures

In the open discussion with topic "The Power of Women and Their Place in Different Cultures" the three main faces from the project "As she Sings" - singers Lucette van den Berg, Maria Pasheva and Ginka Tser will talk about the traditions of their communities will discuss the role of the woman and her presence in folklore by performing songs from every ethnicity that tells about the important and important function / mission of the girl, mother and grandmother in society!

“As She Sings” is a musical project and cultural journey that has never been shown before. The project unites artists who have their roots in the Yiddish, Frisian, Bulgarian and Roma culture. Together they will make a concert which will be presented on two stages - in Leeuwarden in 2018 and in Plovdiv in 2019 (on 1 August at the open-air stage at Stefan Stambolov sq at 7 pm with free entry) - in the years in which every city holds the title European Capital of Culture.

7 pm