Here are some of the most interesting events which will take place in Plovdiv in the next few days


4th September

Karaoke night in Fabric

FabricBar Plovdiv loves to start the week with big smiles to keep them going until next Monday. That is why Monday night in the cult Plovdiv bar is assigned to karaoke with the crazy Zornitsa who doesn’t choose who can and who can’t sing – there’s only one condition – to drink and not to care when you go on the stage!
Free enrty!
Starts at 8.30pm

5th September

Snooker: Ronnie O'sullivan vs Stephen Hendry

The biggest legends I the world of snooker go against each other once again in Kolodrum Plovdiv! The seven-time world champion Stephen Hendry will compete with five-time world champion Ronnie O’sullivan in Efbet Eleven 30 snooker show.
Kolodrum Plovdiv
Starts at 8pm

6th September

Bicycle ride Saedinenie

The Unification of Bulgaria is one of the most significant events in the country’s history. Traditionally it is celebrated with a number of events in Plovdiv and the region. This year the celebrations will begin early with a bike ride starting from Saedinenie Square in the near town of Saedinenie, and finishing at Saedinenie Square in Plovdiv. After the bike ride there will be lots of fun and a lottery with special prizes for the participants.
Saedinenie town
Starts at 8.30am

Plovdiv Beer Fest

Plovdiv BeerFest is a festival which is going to introduce the different beer tastes and the culture of the different nations and their biggest achievements in beer production. Despite the initial association with traditional "beer festivals" the organizers rely on innovation in traditions. The pilot edition of Plovdiv Beer Fest will take place between sixth and tenth of September o the territory of the Youth Hill. There will be a special festival zone. Plovdiv Beer Fest is a new generation beer festival which will introduce the beer nations not only with their drinks but also with different suitable foods and appetizers. In the days of the festival there will be a daily and evening musical and artistic program.
Youth Hill
Starts at 11am


Shut up and Write

Inspiring writers who wish to have a weekly meet up to sit down, shut up and work within a group setting of focused creative minds. One hour a week of working towards your creative masterpiece can bring you a lot closer to realizing you can write that blog, that short-story or even that book that sits there waiting to be written.
Tea House Plovdiv

Become a Successful Team Leader with BizLabs Toastmasters


Practice your spoken English and try to become better communicators.

The United team is in the core of every good organisation. A skilled leader knows that. On union day you will have the chance to hear speeches about how to persuade and unite people, and why we should never give up.

The event is held in English.
Biz Labs
Free entry

PARTY 9 years artnewscafe

For its ninth anniversary artnewscafe invites you on a street party with the musical selection of Sasho from Fonoteka Elektrika.
In addition to the music this time there will also be a photo exhibition "In Sequences" by Veselin Trachev.
Подаръците ще бъдат от рожденика Artnewscafé, но решени от заровете: всеки, който изкара сбор ДЕВЕТ, ще получи безплатно питие.

The presents will be given by Artnewscafe but the dice will decide to whom: everyone who throws NINE will get a free drink.


7th September

FLUCA presents: Tricky Women – a festival for animation

The festival Tricky Women Animation Festival is the only film festival in the world dedicated to animated films created by women. It is held every year and is focused on the exceptionally lively, innovative and sensory form of the film art, which it the animation. The fascinating visual world, the impressive creative potential of animated film art and the feminist approach of many of the authors are reasons enough to dedicate a whole festival to the animated film and the female directors. The FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion will feature this year's short film program at the festival with the theme TURBULENT TIMES, FAMILIAR PLACES.
FLUCA - Austrian Cultural Pavilion
Free entry

Plovdiv Fresh Music Festival 2017

A unique music festival for contemporary young performers from Europe and Bulgaria will be held in Plovdiv for three days. The event aims to become a “fair” of talented young musicians and to „warm up” the public to the program of European capital of culture 2019.