...and which of the newly opened establishments will become favorite places for people to visit in the most colorful district in Plovdiv


The sun is smiling at us more and more often, the trees and flowers are blooming and everything seems to be waking up to life again. This is the situation in the Kapana district, where we noticed hectic activity and preparations for possible upcoming openings in several places.

Which of them will become the new favorites of the visitors!?

The house with the crocodile on the corner of Hristo Dyukmedzhiev and Altseko streets

Last year, it was spectacularly painted with graffiti and quickly became a favorite location for taking photos. Very soon, however, it will be fully revived and fill the street with even more good mood. It is rumored that this will be the "little brother" of the beer bar Cat and Mouse, but what exactly will be offered – we’ll hopefully find out soon!

Saffron on the corner of Zlatarska and Georgi Benkovski Streets

For several weeks now, the place has had a name and a sign. According to our information, it will be a restaurant with an interesting menu, and two spacious halls and we are looking forward to delicious offers and spectacular dishes.

The shop of Shirokoto and the corner with Evlogi Georgiev

It is not yet clear what will be offered here, but with a few tables left inside, we assume that it will be a café. Curiously, on the other side of the square, next to Bijuland, they also changed the windows of a long-abandoned room. Maybe they are preparing it for some type of restaurant or... we will be surprised by the studio of a master craftsman.

Bratya Pulievi Street

On the "Quiet Street", as it is often called, bars and restaurants are expected to increase by at least two more. We know about the intentions to open a new restaurant, as well as another cocktail bar, but we are still waiting for information on when and what will happen.

Renovation of the building that housed the Green Library has also been going on for a month or two, but we believe that they will return there when the workers are finished.

There are probably many more interesting surprises to come in our favorite district, which even we don’t suspect, but this is the good thing about Plovdiv - new places and tempting offers are constantly appearing!