Not all celebrations are big and lavish, and it is getting more and more popular to get married in a more unusual place than the ritual hall in the House of the Newlyweds or the well-known restaurants in the hotels


On the eve of the holiday of love and wine we found interesting statistics for the city under the hills, according to which the number of weddings in 2021 was bigger than in 2020. Even the coronavirus crisis can’t defeat love, and the approaching mirror date of February 22, 2022 will certainly be one of the favorites this year.

Not all celebrations are big and lavish, and it is getting more and more popular to get married in a more unusual place than the ritual hall in the House of the Newlyweds or the well-known restaurants in the hotels. Recently, according to Joyful Rites, the renovated fountain of Bunardzhika by the lake with the bear has emerged as an interesting location for an outdoor ritual.

Beautiful photos and a unique atmosphere can be created in the Revival houses of Old Plovdiv. In them you can use both the yard and then include the interior as a decor for your wedding photo shoot. The result is a wonderful combination of the eras among the exquisite furniture and the atmosphere of the last century. If this is exactly how you imagine the big day, we recommend choosing between Hindliyan House and Klianti House.

The garden next to the Hippocrates Pharmacy is also a good idea, especially if you want to feel in symbiosis with your surroundings and aren’t worried about potential spectators of your love. And the whole architectural ensemble of this part of Plovdiv is like a real fairy tale and it is no coincidence that most of the newlyweds choose it as part of their photoshoot.

Again in the sites managed by Old Plovdiv, as possibilities for civil marriage you can consider the Ancient Theater (in case no event is reserved for the date), the Small Basilica, the Roman Stadium and the excavations discovered in the Excelsior shopping center or on the ground floor of the H&M store.

In the Tsar Simeon's Garden, the undisputed favorite is the area around the Singing Fountains, where the play of water can create a wonderful backdrop for your photos. This is also the place where you will probably be surrounded by the largest number of passers-by and witnesses of your marriage.

As for the post-signing party, we start the suggestions with a brand new place that will open this year. Colibri Wedding Place is located next to the beloved pool for colorful and fun parties in the summer and this will surely lead to an interesting location with a slight exotic flare among the palm trees and water. The complex promises modern sound and lighting, a huge panoramic ceiling and natural furniture for maximum comfort.

Garden Weddings will have a new location in 2022, where they’ll retain their garden vision, but without the risk of rainy weather. The tent will be closed in unfavorable conditions and will have the option to be heated, which will allow longer use during the spring and autumn months. Food will be prepared on site and convenient parking will be available.

Mavruda Restaurant near the village of Yagodovo is one of the undisputed favorites in the category of restaurants suitable for weddings and celebrations. The complex has a themed restaurant with 50 seats and a picturesque garden with over 240 seats, located on more than 4 decares of grass with beautiful shady areas, and there is a children's playground for kids to have fun.

Verry Berry Wedding Tent is another opportunity to celebrate in nature. They are also changing their current location a bit. The atmosphere and the place are made in such a way that they can be easily arranged in the desired wedding theme and color, and the area is 11 decares, which are distributed and can be divided into different corners.

These are perhaps just a few of the more unconventional ideas that couples can use to make their day exciting and unforgettable and we are convinced that there are countless more places in your favorite Plovdiv to be your romantic scene.

And what is the most romantic place in the city under the hills for you?