In the summer we revealed to you which are the outdoor stages under the hills, and today we collect for you the places where you can enjoy the latest movies


With the arrival of autumn and the increasingly unstable weather outside, we quickly return to one of our favorite activities, namely watching movies. Whether it's the funniest animation or the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the big screen in movie theaters always provides a very different experience from home theater arrangements.

In the summer we revealed to you which are the outdoor stages under the hills, and today we collect for you the places where you can enjoy the latest movies or selected films from the European scene in comfortable lounges and with modern systems offering 3D and 4DX.

Lucky Cinema

The art film salon of the city under the hills opened its doors in 2014 and since then boldly emphasizes European, Bulgarian and independent cinema, festival films, events with guests and close contact with the audience. This helped it to rightfully win its title of a true cultural institution in Plovdiv over the years.

One of their halls is equipped with leather armchairs, each of which can be adjusted from a normal sitting position to an almost lying position for the comfort of the viewer. Such seats, which are the most current in the cinema world, are only available in Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo, and in Plovdiv they were installed for the first time in 2019. This is definitely the choice for lovers of art films and quality film festivals such as Sofia Film Fest, Kinomania, CEFF - Comedy European Film Festival, Cinelibri, Master of Art and others.

Cinema City Mall Plovdiv

Cinema City Mall Plovdiv opened its doors in March 2009 with the opening of the first shopping center under the hills. It is equipped with the latest generation of cinema equipment and has 11 modern halls, 8 of which are 3D, with a total capacity of 1,663 seats.

Since December 2016, Cinema City Mall Plovdiv also offers a 4DX experience. The four-dimensional technology was created in South Korea in 2009 and entered Europe in 2013. With it, the effects stimulate the viewers' senses beyond the limits of the audio-visual experience in standard movie theaters. Each movie title in this format has unique choreography and a mix of effects that are in sync with the action on screen. The physical ones happen through the special modular seats moving along the three main axes – side sliding, lifting and lowering. Depending on the action, they vibrate or tilt, viewers are nudged in the back (for example during a screen fight), touched suddenly (a surprising action or a tense moment), and the flying of bullets in the action is felt by the whistling of fast air jets near the ears. The effects of the environment start from different places and panels in the hall and can be wind - tropical breeze or storm, fog, splashes of water – a wave or raindrops, soap bubbles, lightning, aromas and others.

Arena Cinema Mall Markovo Tepe

Arena Cinema Mall Markovo Tepe is located on the 3rd floor of Mall Markovo Tepe and has 6 modern halls, including an IMAX hall with 288 seats and a PREMIUM hall with 191 seats.

Spectators in Plovdiv and the region have the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate cinema experience in an IMAX hall with a huge screen, comfortable leather seats and the latest generation IMAX ® Immersive sound system. Hall 2 in Arena Cinema Mall Markovo Tepe Plovdiv is from the unique PREMIUM LARGE FORMAT cinema concept. It is equipped with an impressive screen, a 4K cinema projector from the latest generation of Christie Digital for bright and crystal-clear images. In the PREMIUM hall, viewers in Plovdiv can immerse themselves in a 360° sound panorama created by the DOLBY ATMOS system.

In addition to movie titles, Arena Cinema Mall Markovo Tepe also offers alternative content. Every month one production (ballet or opera) from the program of the Royal Opera House in London and concerts of famous groups and musicians are broadcasted.

Eccoplex Cinema

It has a total of four halls, of which Hall 1 is the largest. All have a completely new interior and are equipped with luxurious and comfortable seats. Spacing between rows ensures pleasant viewing. The technology with which digital and 3D movies are projected is the latest generation and provides a crystal picture and wonderful sound.

Faces Cinema

The cinema has two air-conditioned, functional halls, equipped with modern 3D technology and comfortable seats, guaranteeing the comfort and the pleasant cinema experience of the viewers. It offers rooms for rent for presentations, corporate events, trainings, as well as for organized group visits.