Although often overlooked as a tourist destination, the town has a lot to offer in both sightseeing and cuisine


As if when getting to know the Rhodopes, we rarely accept the highest located regional town in Bulgaria as a starting point and a base for settling down. We head to the mountain resorts and small villages nearby, but today we're giving you a few reasons to stop by and grab a bite to eat in Smolyan.

In Smolyan, they prepare delicacies such as kachamak, patatnik, klin, various dishes with potatoes, katmi and cheverme, sarma, beans in a pot, etc. And yogurt has excellent taste qualities. On the spot you can visit the planetarium, the Historical Museum, the Old Sycamore, and in its surroundings you can take the Nevyastata or Smolyan Lakes eco-trails.

And here is where you can relax and recharge your batteries with delicious food:


An eclectic place with a fairly varied menu, where you can eat everything from traditional Bulgarian cuisine to Greek specialties and pizza. It’s not typical, especially for tourists, as we are used to more and more specialized and profiled restaurants, but it’s a good option because there is literally something for everyone.

Radost Tavern

The restaurant is small and relatively cramped, but every bite here is worth it. We recommend the parlenka, which is indeed prepared on the spot and has nothing to do with the reheated frozen versions in many places, and the Rhodope patatnik. They have a lunch menu and the prices are extremely reasonable.


Hotel-restaurant near the Smolyan Waterfall. The atmosphere is authentic and seems to take you back in time with all the comforts of modern times. There are evenings with live music, and the cuisine is really worth it. We recommend the Rhodope klin, the Bulgarche salad and the patatnik. The prices are not low, but they fully correspond to the quality of the food and service.


Another hotel with a restaurant, which not only residents of Smolyan, but also guests of the town constantly recommend us. The tavern is in a folk style, on two floors with a terrace, and the dishes are like home cooking. Be sure to ask for a recommendation on what to try on the particular day of your visit. The staff is friendly and responsive.

Mecho Uho

The interior is in Rhodope style with a fireplace, which, especially in the cold months, gives the place coziness and soulfulness. Try the parlenka, which is the size of an entire pizza, and the patatnik with homemade filo. The lunch menu is also worth it and runs out pretty quickly!

Long spring and summer days are always an occasion for a tour outside the city, and being only 1 hour away from Plovdiv, don't miss Smolyan when planning your next weekend getaway.