This is one of the most distinct trends in the real estate market – a return to life outside the city and a preference for a house rather than an apartment as a primary residence


At a time when one of the most important things for people is peace and spaciousness, the question of moving outside the borders of the city and finding a cozy and quiet refuge from traffic and the constant dynamics of everyday life is increasingly on the agenda.

The pandemic in the last two years also turned out to be a decisive factor, which turned the eyes of the people living in Plovdiv towards a search for a larger space in which to feel free. This is one of the most distinct trends in the real estate market – a return to life outside the city and a preference for a house rather than an apartment as a primary residence.

Plovdiv is one of the cities with quite a lot of potential in this direction, as there are quite a few satellite municipalities around it with an attractive profile for choosing a place to live. Some of the most sought-after settlements are undoubtedly the villages of the Rhodope collar, as they perfectly combine the advantages of proximity to the mountain and at the same time are located less than 10 kilometers from the regional center.

Independently building a house there, however, is associated with some serious obstacles - from finding a convenient plot of land, to going through various procedural changes in case it is not suitable for living, problems with the design and maintenance of a yard, the construction of sewage, etc.

This is also the reason why we turned our attention to the possibility of choosing a suburban complex with houses that combines the advantages of pre-regulated spaces and village life. Such an option is Markovo Vita Nova, whose location between the city and the mountains is an excellent way to escape from Plovdiv, but not from its amenities.

The complex offers a lot of greenery, playgrounds, as well as places for recreation and walks, designed for the free time and rest of its residents. The fully constructed road infrastructure enables easy and quick access to the community, which in turn has its own sewage, water supply and substation. Among the range of services and amenities, we can also include the numerous parking spaces, sufficient for all residents and guests of the complex; professional maintenance of common areas consisting of controlled access for all pedestrians and vehicles; full-time gardener and house manager. For maximum security, 24-hour video surveillance is provided.

The project offers spacious and cozy living spaces, with an amazing view of the majesty of the mountain and the beloved Plovdiv with two or three bedrooms. The houses have a lovely yard that includes a veranda and a landscaped area. A garage and a parking space are available for each family, and investors also present the option of finishing and furnishing, saving valuable time, effort, nerves and money. All of this makes the process of buying a property and getting it ready to live a much smoother transition where it's up to you to move in with only what you want.

Viewings are possible during working hours during the week and on Saturdays by appointment, and the best thing you can do for yourself and your family is to visit Markovo Vita Nova on site and not just dream, but make your goals of a new home a reality!