The eco-trail is a great choice for short days, as it is less than 30 minutes from Plovdiv and takes about an hour in both directions


This autumn, too, the weather provides us with excellent hiking opportunities, as the days are still warm and make us spend more time outside. Today's route can be combined with lunch and a wine tour at the restaurant of the Yustina winery, or you can even stay in one of the beautiful villas in the complex.

From there, you should turn left and up through the houses towards the mountain, looking for Beliya Pat Street as a landmark. At one point, it leaves the village and crosses a mountain path. There is also a designated place where you can leave your car, although if you have an off-read car it is possible to go a few hundred meters up. There are enough signposts at the junctions so there is no way to get lost. Already in the first meters there is a gazebo, where people often have picnics and outdoor parties.

The trail itself isn't difficult, but it's certainly not easy. There are steep sections and it will be a challenge for the little ones. There are designated rest areas along its entire length, so there's no need to rush. On the contrary, we advise you to enjoy every view that opens before you, as well as the fresh mountain air.

The waterfall itself is about 15 meters high, but has little water and is currently dry. The best time to visit is certainly in the spring, but the walk is worthwhile in all seasons. In autumn, the whole forest is in a variety of colors and nature has painted colorful hues on every tree and bush.

A few steps after the waterfall, there is another large gazebo with a tap, where you can take a break, and then reach the most extreme point - the chapel of St. George. There is also an opportunity to relax next to it, and the panoramas are impressive. On one side is the view back to the waterfall, and on the other - the village and the hills opposite.

On the way back, you can combine a visit to Perushtitsa and the monument of the three generations or the Red Church, for which we already have a detailed text on the site.