5 places where, apart from enjoying the water play, you can rest under the shade of centuries-old trees


What does one need more in the heat than the cooling murmur of the water and the shadow of centuries-old trees? Well, in case you think the same, then the summer weekends are for finding new places near the city. The team of the only digital guide under the hills is always ready with suggestions for outings and day trips, and today we will "cool" you virtually with a few places around Plovdiv. You need only a vehicle, good mood and why not - picnic accessories. Many of the localities are suitable for relaxing in nature.

By Stellentina - Собствена творба, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49491052

We start with probably the closest route - Parvenets village. It is only 10 km away, and at its very end on the road to the village of Hrabrino there is the Parveneshka River and the waterfall. There is no way you can miss the offset because there are several restaurants there and during the weekend - many parked cars. Extremely suited for a picnic along the river, and if you don’t want to bring food, you can always sit in the restaurants. We just advise you to be on time, because on Saturday and Sunday it's hard to find a place because of the dozens of people and families.

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If you are headed to Pamporovo and Smolyan in the hot days, you should stop right after the first tunnel after Bachkovo on the Asenovgrad-Smolyan road, opposite the hatchery. The walk along the path is relatively light and pleasant as it runs along a river and through the forest. It takes up to an hour to go. The road is marked and maintained. The waterfall SlivovdolskoPadalo is 50 meters high, and it is not from the powerful and the deepest, and its jet is narrow. Its waters fall vertically from very high rocks with a reddish hue, from where the name of the area probably comes - the Red Wall. Just right in front of the waterfall there is a wooden bench with a view to the Red Rock and the falling high waters.

Another Rhodope destination - Ustina village, where you can admire a 15 meter waterfall in the immediate vicinity of the village. The starting point is the upper part of the village and a small pavement with a fountain that falls to the right of the small river passing through the village. The road up is 20-25 minutes. There is a place to relax and you can visit St. George's Chapel on return.

By Izvora - Собствена творба, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49323705

One of the most beautiful and high waterfalls in the Rhodopes can also be visited for a day from Plovdiv. The SamodivskoPraskalohas a fall of about 45-50 m, and the water falls almost directly, sliding along the ridges of the rock. It’s located in Devin and its waters flow into the Devin River. The path to the waterfall starts behind a small concrete house and green bridges on the right of the main eco-path (Lykata). It is narrow and slippery but it’s not dangerous. In some places there are stairs dug in the soil and on others it is fortified with trees. From the gazebo to the waterfall it is about 15 minutes. There is a mark.

Our last stop is Sopot. We have already told you in detail about the route to the Sopot Falls. Easy and with places where you can stretch the blanket and for even more convenience - just next to the waterfall there is a gazebo. You can combine the walk with a visit to the pool, a delicious ice cream from Gelato & Latte and even go on the lift. Sopot is about 50 kilometers away, so you will not travel long. There is another waterfall in the city, located on the Levitsa River in the outskirts. You can reach it along the street that starts from the entry of Zanayatchiiski esnaf. The street goes straight up to the end of the town (to the Balkan). It ends directly next to the parking lot of an apartment building. From there you can reach the waterfall for 2-3 minutes. The waterfall is very beautiful but it dries in the summer.