When you're in a new location for two days, it's sometimes difficult to navigate, but the digital guide of Plovdiv is ready with your program

Lost in Plovdiv is the place where you can find everything about the city under the hills that you need to experience it as the locals. The site is categorized and easy to navigate, but arriving at a new location can be quite stressful sometimes, especially when you have a limited time. In this article, we have selected some of our preferred locations. Here you will find a recommendation for every meal, what to do and what you can see, and the latest jewel in the Kapana district where you can stay. And if you have more time available, you can safely browse through the categories and we are convinced that you’ll find many more places to impress you.


Mouse House is a brand new boutique guesthouse located on a quiet street but at the same time at the best possible location in the city's top center and within walking distance to major attractions. It consists of just 3 studios, so it’ll definitely be your personal getaway in the city. Even if you arrive before your check-in time, we’ll immediately offer you a pleasant way to spend your time. Most likely the trip to Plovdiv was tiring, so you feel ready for a bite. Just a few meters down is restaurant Pavaj, which is one of the fastest growing on Plovdiv soil. If you want to try delicious Bulgarian cuisine with its own signature or enjoy a strawberry sorbet in the heart of the Kapana district, this is your place.

After lunch, the creative district is full of workshops and ateliers you shouldn’t miss on your way to the hotel. If you are looking for a spectacular handbag, go to the Giovanna art studio, where you’ll be greeted with a smile. A handmade jewelry or an accessory is never unnecessary and it can complete your outfit nicely, and fortunately, you can find it in many places in Kapana. In Piuma D'oro on Magura Street, you will find handmade jewelry from genuine leather and in Rakodelnitsata-  a bunch of other magical things.

Perhaps it’s time to relax, so why not drink a beer in the first craft beer bar in Plovdiv Kotka i Mishka? Beer lovers gather at the bar to enjoy the beer, talk and have fun, the way you can only in Plovdiv - culturally. Of course, there is everything else - from home-made lemonade to super classy aged malt scotch.

After returning for a moment to freshen up and get ready for dinner, we suggest you take a walk along the Main Street, which is the longest pedestrian street in Europe. Don’t miss looking up because the facades of the buildings are majestic. It is time to eat and about 5 minutes away from the noise, there is a cozy place where the food is like an explosion of colors and tastes. Gluharcheto predisposes both to joyful dinners with friends and family, as well as to romantic encounters with your spouse. The atmosphere is extremely intimate, complemented by the hot flames in the fireplace during the autumn-winter season or by the charm of the veranda in front of the house during the warm summer evenings. The modern and colorful cuisine, garnished with excellent service and friendly staff, turns the whole experience into a positive emotion and pleasure.


It’s Saturday morning, and after resting well, you are ready to go on a crazy tour of all the sights the oldest live city in Europe has to offer. Two minutes away is the Old Town, where you can literally "lose" all day on the narrow cobblestone streets. There, the weather seems to have stopped and it brings magic unlike anywhere else, and you’ll find not just beautiful architecture and history. You will find joy! It is situated on three of the hills of Plovdiv - NebetTepe, DzhambazTepe, and TaksimTepe. The Ancient Theater, The Three Hills, the Roman Stadium are just a few of the stops on every tourist route, especially if this is your first visit to Plovdiv.

After the long walk you are sure to be hungry, so head to one of the city's top restaurants under the hills - Hemingway. The aroma of deliciously prepared food and freshly baked bread is carried through the air and lures for a glass of wine. And the customer feels at home. And always returns for more. Just opposite is one of the most recommended pastry shops - Dolce Fellini, and we sincerely hope you left the dieting for later because the temptations are countless - from hand-crafted Italian ice cream to artwork cakes.

Lunchtime has most likely passed into afternoon coffee, and then it is time for a walk in the largest park in the city - Tsar Simeon's Garden. Surrounded by long-lived trees, fresh air, a playground and adjacent restaurants, it is a small paradise in the city center. The greenness, the laugh, the performances of the street artists make you feel in that particular state of mind that the Plovdiv people call "Aylyak" (something like mañana but without all that tension). The whole trip can end even more impressively if you can catch the sunset at the Rowing Channel, which, although away from the center, is easily accessible by public transport or taxi. The view of sinking into the clouds fireball is astonishing and magical, and it is no coincidence that it is one of the most preferred places in Plovdiv for recreation and relaxation. There, you just open your senses and relax, surrounded by the magnificence of nature and the water.

Photo credit: Anton Atanasov

We end the day with food that takes you directly to Italy, although you are actually in Plovdiv. In Osteria Rosmarino maestro Giuseppe Lomuscio will prepare Italian, regional and original dishes for you and will make you believe that "love passes through the stomach."

We return to the center where Saturday night the city is alive and thriving. No matter which bar on our routes you choose, the great experience and the party up to the small hours of the night is guaranteed.


Sunday morning always predisposes for breakfast or brunch. And at Eddy's Café & Bar they know how to serve you food so you lick your fingers. Their pancakes are divine and the perfect finish of your stay in Plovdiv.

Our short guide can be combined with organizing your stay to visit an event, and all the exciting events that happen in the European Capital of Culture 2019 can be found in our article about the Highlights of the Opening weekend