It's probably one of the most colorful neighborhoods and is constantly teased about its residents and their boisterous nature


In one of our older articles, we have detailed the settlement process of Kuchuk Paris more than a century ago. There we also revealed how it got its colloquial name, which today is mainly used by the natives. Administratively, it is located in the Southern region and is divided into numerous smaller units.

Today, it's one of the most controversial neighborhoods under the hills – there are hundreds of people who adore it and can't imagine living anywhere else, but just as many others who find it extreme, gangsterish and below their level.

However, sooner or later everyone has to pass through or visit Kuchuka, so we have selected some recommended things not to do when you’re not a "local":

Look unfriendly

We have mentioned above the boisterous temper of a number of "Parisians". Inter-neighbor and neighborhood fights often happen here, so if you don't want to be confrontational, you better be friendly.

Leave your car parked for a long time in front of someone else's apartment block

Gone are the days when there was so much free space between the buildings that you could play football or gather everyone from the surrounding area for a beer in the evening. At the moment, everywhere under the hills, every square centimeter has been turned into a parking lot, and again for those who arrived last at home, they have to park sometimes quite far from their entrance. So, don't even think about abandoning your car for a few days in front of someone else's block. Here, everyone chooses their parking space, regardless of whether it is marked legally or not. At the very least, you'll find yourself with the wipers up!

Honestly, with these renovations around the neighborhood right now, the place is not even suitable for driving!

Go there on New Year’s Eve

Photo: Facebook

You must have seen dozens of funny photos on social media with huge exploding fireworks and bombs over the southern part of Plovdiv. Here, indeed, the cannonade starts as early as the beginning of December and every evening is a warm up for the actual celebration. Even though it's banned by the municipality, it won't stop people in the neighborhood. And yes - never leave your car in front of a balcony on December 31st.

Talk against incoming residents in the city under the hills

The formation of the zone began with a large gathering of refugees from Odrin and Western Thrace and the western outskirts, who settled in the southern part of Plovdiv. Today, it is one of the most densely populated areas under the hills, with over 80,000 people living there as of 2019. The borders are constantly expanding and currently, in the southernmost part, there are many people from the Kardzhali and Rhodope region.

So, here is not the place at all to raise the topic of natives and incoming Plovdiv residents, unless you want to enter into a deep dispute or a more violent conflict.

Compare the neighborhood with other places

And although they joke about it, we know for sure that real Kuchukparisians wouldn't want to be anywhere else. The climate is different here and the atmosphere is different!

Have a walk

A cult graffiti that is right in our topic and there is not much to add about it.

And do you dare to enter Kuchuka?