The tour of the only digital guide under the hills this time is through the places, where we will show you what not to miss to try in the remaining days until 26th of December


Christmas markets are a quintessentially German tradition, with the first real one believed to be the Striezelmarkt in Dresden in 1434. They are usually done outdoors with many different wooden buildings and stalls where one can find all kinds of treats and souvenirs – from typical German wursts, through Bavarian hot dogs, gingerbread men, churros, mulled wine, mulled rum, endless types of chocolate, stollen, almonds, marzipan and sweets to paperweights, figurines, toys and other beauties. All this is usually accompanied by carols, stories and music.

In recent years, similar events have been held in Bulgaria in many places, which further add to the festive spirit and magic at Christmas. A few days ago, in its usual place next to the Post Office, the Kapana bazaar also started. Over 100 exhibitors have already set up their stands and are welcoming customers.

The tour of the only digital guide under the hills this time is through the places for treats, where we will show you what not to miss to try in the remaining days until 26th of December.

Tams House’s Caravan

A delicious stop at one of our favorite restaurants in the creative district is perfect for taking a break between strolls and enjoying a perfectly prepared and appetizing meal. The menu is short, but the pulled pork is incredibly tender and definitely worth it. You can also choose from a traditional hot dog, fries, or delicacies such as chicken hearts. There are seating areas and stoves for heating.


However, in case you don't feel like eating, but you need to warm up and want something sweet - the stall of hand-made treats is just for you. They offer phenomenal hot chocolate for the palate and the soul. A real treat and something not to be missed at the bazaar.


The artisan bakery is well known to the people of Plovdiv and we have shared about it in our articles about the tastiest bread under the hills. They are a family company that has been developing their skills for generations, and at this year's edition of Kapana Fest they are tempting us with their stollens. They are traditional German Christmas sweets that contain finely chopped dried or candied fruit, nuts, aromatic spices and are topped with granulated or powdered sugar or with a glaze of whipped egg whites and sugar. They are also a good alternative for a gift to relatives and friends.

Nika Food

You can't miss their stand for two reasons. First, because they are right in the middle, and secondly, because there is a pleasant fragrance of sweets around them. Mini pancakes and bubble waffles, created following original recipes with lots of love. The must-have dessert when you're at the Christmas market!


The dessert from the Levantine region is well known to connoisseurs of this type of cuisine, and it is offered in two versions at the market in Plovdiv - Arabic and Turkish. The first is with flour on top, and the second - with kadaif. Whichever one you choose though, you won't go wrong at all and you'll really be sweetened up!

Chernomorski ulov

Something unusual for Plovdiv and at the same time interesting are the canned fish of the Varna company. They create truly masterful products that aim to change outdated perceptions of our seafood. With them you can find Black Sea treasures prepared following carefully refined recipes.

In addition to those we have distinguished, a unique selection of organic and natural foods and beverages produced in Bulgaria will be presented at the exhibition in December 2022. Be sure to stop by the stalls for honey and bee products, hot sauces, organic wine and drinks, tea, healthy foods, farm products and coffee. There are great ideas both for something to eat yourself and for gifts.