It's time for the traditional ranking of what excited you the most over the past 12 months


The year 2022 was quite interesting and saturated with novelties and events. Fortunately, we managed to regain a large part of normality after the pandemic and tourists and people once again filled Plovdiv with their positive energy. We were happy about the establishments that dared to open their doors, revealed the best neighborhood to live under the hills, and found out where the city's seventh hill is today. Check out the most favorite texts of Plovdiv residents and guests of the city.

Traditionally, we start the analysis from the tenth position, where we find something forgotten, but revived in 2022. CAVEA opened its doors right in the heart of the city - on Roman Stadium Square, and breathed life into an establishment loved by generations of Plovdiv residents. Today, the place has been transformed into a cozy oasis with a lively design and an impressive vision, where Plovdiv residents and guests of the city can come to drink their morning coffee with a freshly baked croissant, take a break from a walk for a glass of wine or a cocktail, or bring a loved one on a romantic dinner.

The article on the ninth place was devoted to the Plovdiv slang. Alexander Condodimo worked on the subject for many years, compiling a special dictionary. We have collected some of the popular words and expressions in the text, and the rest will probably be the subject of a continuation on the topic.

Eighth place goes to our inquiry if you know where the seventh hill of Plovdiv is today. We all know that Markovo Tepe was destroyed in the past, and today a large shopping center is built there. In 2011, however, the small square of Dzhumaya’s garden, designed by the Plovdiv artist Atanas Hranov, was solemnly opened. It was conditionally defined as the seventh hill of Plovdiv, a hill of spirituality, artistry, memory, the joy of life, the enjoyment of beauty, the talent to live and create art.

The biggest Kapana Fest in June 2022 also excited a lot of us. And although it is no longer held in our favorite place, it still remains attractive to the residents and guests of the city, because it brings color and variety to our daily life.

Quite heated, not only in the text, but in the comments on social media, we were all trying to find an answer to the question of which is the best neighborhood to live in the city of Plovdiv. A difficult conundrum, as each undoubtedly has its pros and cons. The truth is that there are no perfect places, but our city is wonderful and we are convinced that everyone can find their optimal place.

Right in the middle of our ranking, in fifth position, are the restaurants around Plovdiv that you shouldn’t miss. We picked them at the very beginning of the year, so we can certainly add here. And yet, we still think it's good to visit them at least once and discover your favorite specialties on the menus.

The legends and mysteries surrounding the mysterious Dzhendem Tepe have also sparked a lot of reading and discussion. The mystic hill is known by many names, and was even once rumored to house the gates of Hell. Today it is a preferred place for us to walk and an excellent alternative to the more touristic Sahat and Bunardzhik hills.

The bronze medal in the ranking for the most read article in the Plovdiv digital guide goes to our text dedicated to public transport. We aimed to introduce those unacquainted with the absurdity of the bus and route network under the hills with some occasionally 'interesting' features here. A must-have if you haven't taken the plunge yet and embarked on a public transport adventure.

Second place goes to 3 must-see neighborhood establishments. Apparently, a lot of us need recommendations for everything worth seeing and experiencing in the part further from the center. We hope that this year too there will be more impressive locations outside the center that will add even more value to Plovdiv and make it a favorite place to live and visit.

The undisputed winner in our ranking for 2022 is the most accessible waterfall around Plovdiv, which you can literally visit this weekend. We're promised a great week of sunshine in January, so take advantage and enjoy this place for yourself, minutes from the city, but at the same time - perfect for walking, escaping the crowds and getting some movement after heavy meals.

We are also looking forward to all the new topics that are already being prepared in the office and we sincerely believe that you will come back to learn everything new and worthwhile in the city under the hills.