Try different flavors craft beer and cask ale in thematic bars

Drinking beer is one of the most pleasant things to do. With or without friends, in a thematic bar or on a meadow, or maybe on the beach under the sun lights, it doesn’t really matter. The beer lovers are millions all over the world. For many of them degustation is a hobby.

 According to statistics for 2016, Bulgarians drink 77 liters of beer a year. In our country, the most popular is the ordinary lager beer which on hot days sometimes replaces water. It is a product of all big factories and it is so common, it’s just boring. The good thing is that in beautiful Plovdiv the number of real beer connoisseurs increases significantly. It is all because of some special places who offer all kinds of craft beer. No doubt the leader is “Cat and Mouse”, situated in the heart of district “Kapana”.

Normally you can order lager beer in every place. Today, will recommend 3 special bars where you can enjoy true, unique and different ale.

1.”Cat and Mouse” – as we said, the first bar for craft beer in Plovdiv is located in district “Kapana” and is a leader in the business. With its variety of over 150 types Belgian, German, Czech, Spanish, and last but not least - Bulgarian craft beers, "Cat and Mouse" will win you over from the first visit. You can find ale, fruit beers, caramel notes, even beer with pumpkin and lobster on “Hristo Diukmedjiev” 14 st. The place is also popular with its thematic evenings and weeks that are dedicated to new proposals and tempt customers with different flavors. If you love beer but you don’t have the time, you can buy a bottle or two for home where you can enjoy the aromatic foam on your sofa.

Lately the owners made their first author beer “Cat and Mouse” with blackberry and rosehip flavor. Come and visit. We’re sure you will like it!

2.”Jagerhof“ – in district “Trakia”, away from the Center, but with regular customers is the beer pub “Jagerhof”. The beer is cooked directly on the spot. In the middle of the specially build building you can see the vats in which the cask ale is made. The place reminds a lot of German restaurants, which serve Sausage, along with beer. „Jagerhof“ has also a kitchen, so you can have lunch or dinner with friends.

3.”Beer Pub Stop” - located in the Center, the pub offers a wide variety of bottles and cask ale that you can drink on the spot or take home.

Coming soon:  The best outdoor seating where you can drink beer with friends despite the ban on municipal regulations.