Where in the City under the hills you can enjoy a nice book with a drink in your hand


Surely all the bookworms will see how carefully we’ve prepared this list of our favorite places where, besides refreshing yourself with a drink in hand, you can also enjoy some beloved books. There’s no need to look for a quiet place in which to read with trepidation the last lines of a long-awaited book. We’ve selected these precisely because the atmosphere there… is kind of special, the music – quiet and unobtrusive, and there are books that you can browse even if you’ve forgotten yours.

Bookstore café Ciela in Mall Plovdiv

The first big bookstore cafe in Plovdiv, where you can quickly immerse yourself in the latest books available on the market, dedicate some free time to a solitary reading or just to see a friend over a cup of coffee between the shopping. It's no coincidence that everyone we asked for recommendations told us that they arrived at any appointments well in advance so they read in peace. For the warmer days, there is also a spacious terrace overlooking the western part of the city, from which the sunset is quite impressive.

Bookstore café Dobrota

The place is well known to our readers and we have already mentioned it as one of the many places you shouldn’t miss to visit in Kyuchuk Paris. There, you can not only have your coffee or a healthy smoothie, and something delicious to eat, but you can do all this in the company of a favorite book. For almost three years, this cozy café is an oasis for everyone who wants to be alone in the company of the pages or to share a glass of aromatic drink with friends. In 2019, the café opened its stage for charity campaigns and initiatives, theater performances, book publishing and many other artistic events to delight Plovdiv.


The art place in the creative district is not quite a reading room, but it is not a simple café either. Their collection of books will surely surprise you because on the shelves you will find quite old publications. The interior and small playful details also contribute to the predisposing atmosphere. Their teas are very well-selected, the music is quite relaxing, and even if you don’t feel like reading, you can always just drink something cooling.


There is something that pulls interesting people to this place since 2008 when it opened. This is not just a café, it is a community of people sharing similar principles and having a common world view. The place has an iMac that every visitor can use, a small bookstore, a library for people who read, and a specific interior design done by MMXX Architects. Here, you can’t just have your coffee or afternoon beer, but spend a few hours imperceptibly. And feel among friends, even though you may not know anyone.

Cat & Mouse

In the cult beer bar in Kapana, it is not uncommon to see customers who have a book on their knees and feverishly browse the pages in anticipation of the denouement. Over a glass of ice-cold beer, reading goes well. In the second room you will find a comfortable couch to relax, and on the shelves across - it is even possible to find an interesting title that you missed. It is not uncommon to see the bartenders bowing their heads over a favorite reading in the breaks. If you want to talk about books, this is the place. You will always find a fellow.


It’s summer and the hot temperatures are the perfect time to cool down with ice cream. In case you have time to indulge in the icy delight and want to do it with a book in hand, take your time for Argento. Here they offer authentic Italian gelato made following the old recipes brought to the city under the hills from Italian pastry and gelato masters, and as real connoisseurs of the beautiful espresso, the baristas behind the bar serve it with a perfect temperature and full foam. As you sip slowly, without hurrying, and relax in the colorful surroundings, be sure to take a reading from the library, which is regularly updated and was here before the trend of the bookstore cafes.


Authentic, original and classic at the same time. The place where the tradition of the literary scene in Plovdiv began, offers both the cozy atmosphere of the wooden interior on the first floor and the yard during the summer months, which with its silence manages to abstain you from the fact that you are in the center of the Center. The Spirt and Spirit Literary Salon is hosted here, and it is the gathering place of the Blue Dog Book Club.

And where do you open the book most often?