In the past they served as a landmark and their owners were among the most respected people in the city under the hills


Today, the pharmaceutical industry is so advanced that it produces new medicines and drugs literally every day. There are countless pharmacies, and most of them are branches of large chains. We are even used to 24-hour pharmacies in the neighborhoods where we can buy the medicine we need at any time.

However, this was not the case in the past. At that time, pharmacies were an important part of the appearance of the city, and their owners - some of the most influential figures. At the beginning of the century, there were 4, and by 1930 - there were 10. Each building had a sign, with a painted symbol of a snake wrapped around a bowl, and inside - arranged and filled with dozens of glasses. They could only be opened by specialists.

In fact, you can get a pretty good idea of what pharmacies used to look like in the only pharmaceutical exhibition in Bulgaria - the old Hippocrates pharmacy in Plovdiv. It was opened to the public in 1981, but the house actually housed a pharmacy from 1872 to 1947, which was among the most modernly equipped of its time. Today, it shows the various methods of preparing extracts, tinctures, the way laboratory tests were done, and on display are numerous pharmacy utensils and equipment, produced mainly in Vienna and Berlin. A real metal cash register, which was manufactured in 1903, but still works today, is of great interest among visitors.

Another well-known pharmacy from the past remains a landmark in the city among the locals – the Maritsa pharmacy. It was created in the 1880s. Its owners were the local pharmacists Tokatliyan - father and son. For the first time, the name of Gabriel Tokatliyan, its founder, was mentioned in the press in May 1884. At that time the pharmacy probably already existed. The original location is unknown, but at the very beginning of the 20th century, the sign was visible on a newly built building at the corner between today's 6 Septemvri Blvd and Raiko Daskalov St, opposite Karaul Khan. In 1908, the pharmacy was bought by the young Master of Pharmacy, Hariton Kuev. Unfortunately, shortly before 1980, dynamite destroyed the beautiful building to reveal the impersonal facade of a new block of flats. Shortly after that, the pharmacy in the central square opposite the Kudoglu House of Health was also demolished.

We also know that there were two popular pharmacies around Dzhumaya Square. One belonged to Bratanov with the name Zlatniy lev. He bought it in 1907 from the old pharmacist P. Dimitrov. Today it has a different name, but there is still a pharmacy there. People have bought their medicines before and now - and from the same place. The owner also had a laboratory in Central Square, at the beginning of Gladstone St. The popular "frog" test was performed there, which brought joy to married women, and often problems to maidens. It's a pregnancy test.

The other pharmacy was known as Kalmar (the Squid), but its name was the Golden Eagle. This was the only court pharmacy in the city, since during his visits to Plovdiv Ferdinand always resorted to its services. It was located at the beginning of today's Tsaribrod Street. Some believe that the owner Kalmar was Hungarian, others - Czech. He managed the pharmacy in the 1920s, then the business was taken over by his son-in-law Svetoslav Karic, a Serbian.

Medicines could also be purchased on Main Street from the pharmacy of Stancho Ivanov and Galiniy of Chipev. On today's Patriarch Evtimiy Street, near the former Hotel Bulgaria, Tomasyan's pharmacy was located.