The team of the only digital guide under the hills seeks to regularly share everything that is happening in the city, and today the occasion is the opening of several establishments in the first half of 2019


If there is a place where everyone in the city under the hills gets "lost" constantly, it is undoubtedly Kapana. In the last few years, the creative district has emerged as one of the most attractive spots for locals and tourists. And while people visiting Plovdiv for a day or two most often see it during the day, and astonishingly roam the cobbled streets, residents know that it is a party destination in the evening. Especially in the summer, you hear music and laughter from every house and you literally wonder which place to try. So it’s no wonder that here they are constantly changing. New ones are opened, concepts are being tested, or - unfortunately, favorite places are closed to bring something new instead.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills seeks to regularly share everything that is happening in the city, and today the occasion is the opening of several establishments in the first half of 2019.

We start with the very boundary of the district or the area around the Dzhumaya Mosque. There, at the beginning of the summer opened a new place for gelato in Plovdiv. Arcobaleno is a premium ice cream brand prepared following a traditional Italian recipe. It is an embodiment of splendid taste and high quality. It is characterized by a dense and smooth structure, it melts slowly, and you can really find a wide variety of options. Black sesame, green tea matcha ice cream, and fresh cookies taste are just a small part of the offers. In addition to the icy temptation, you can also enjoy ice-cream cakes, cheesecakes and coffee specialties of the Italian brand Illy.

Just a little down the street, turning in the direction of Kapana, you will find the irresistible smell of pulled meat, which is carried by Meat’N’Go. Chef Yavor Kalinin is well-known to lovers of well-prepared and flavored meat. For several years, he’s been developing an innovative approach to culinary, namely the smoked meats. After the successful project Mavruda BBQ Hot Spot, the time has come for Kapana to be captivated by the Low’N’Slow magic. The meat is prepared very slowly and as the technology takes hours, they are exposed in a warm case from where they can directly be served in a portion, per gram or in a burger. In addition to smoked meats, you can also choose slow-cooked, which are also characterized by distinctive and memorable taste thanks to different marinades and glazes. Characteristic for the place is that the meat is prepared on a BBQ on Fire – the raw, specially selected meat is roasted on live coals in front of the customer, after choosing it from the refrigerated display case. Homemade meatballs of minced meat, sausages, kebabs and pork breasts in butter made following a secret recipe, are waiting for you in Meat’N’Go. A distinguishing feature of the food is the unique craft burgers that can be prepared with meat both from slow-cooked offers and from the BBQ.

Going further into the meandering streets, we find ourselves in a place where there is no stress. Aylyakria is a gastro bar where everyone can successfully overcome the stress of everyday life – in their own way. Whether with raspberry wine, with delicious Rhodopean kiln, or with pink tomatoes and an alcoholic drink – this is a personal decision. An interesting menu of traditional beverages and some really unexpected twists are just a small part of the arguments that make it worthwhile to try it out. And we leave aside the fact that in Plovdiv aylyak is a state of mind that you must try.

We find ourselves on one of the busiest locations in Kapana. HristoDyukmedzhiev is right on the main artery of the district, and only in the first few months of the year both its sides filled with new places. Vertigo restaurant opened in the place of the so loved Merry Pancakes at the end of May. It is a small home restaurant arranged in an art-industrial style with many colors and original solutions by the owner. A delicious menu and interesting lemonades from dandelion and rose are a small part of what is offered, and during the week, you can choose from a lunch menu.

Again on the same street, the former Lastitsi Gallery is already home to the newest ice cream place in Plovdiv. At the moment, the preparations for the opening are going in full swing but the summer in Kapana will definitely be cooler with the opportunity to grab some delight in a cone just a step away from the favorite bar or a restaurant.

ARTiSHOK also seems to be completely ready outside but what’s going on behind the place with the provocative name we’ll find out soon enough.

And again on the same street, at the very corner in the direction of the bus stop, for several months now there is a new bakery, which welcomes the early birds in Kapana with freshly baked treats. In Bakeland you will find homemade cookies, fluffy croissants, cashew candy, and tempting crackers. And the homemade cakes and brownies are really worth an hour more in the gym.

Have you already found your new favorite place under the hills?