You really don't have to eat from fast food chains, you can easily enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal instead


"A man is a man when he is on the road!" the poet Penyo Penev once said, and we, the only digital guide under the hills, definitely can’t dispute this statement. For us, travel is a passion, an inspiration, a sip of life and it always leads us to new and exciting destinations. But there is always time before the end point, in which along the way we also discover places that are worthwhile.

Although not exactly in Plovdiv, our recommendations today are for those times when you want to visit a place in the country and have to use the first highway connecting the capital with the city of Burgas on the Black Sea coast. Within its length of 360 kilometers, there are a number of places to eat and relax, but there are also two restaurants that we often find in recommendations for where to eat deliciously.

At Master Nedzho Turkish Restaurant

Master Nezho is located behind Shell in Pazardzhik, in the direction of Sofia, but even if you are heading towards the sea, you can turn off on the other side and use the pedestrian underpass. Named after its owner and chef, the restaurant offers authentic Turkish cuisine. The menu is extremely diverse and includes traditional recipes with spices imported directly from Turkey - kekik, tarchen, zahter, sumac and nane. Visitors can enjoy a variety of fresh salads, appetizers, vegetarian and meat dishes, grill, adana kebab, delicious tripe soup, juicy baklava, aromatic coffee.

ZEKO Turkish Restaurant

ZEKO Turkish Restaurant is located on the Trakia highway on the right if you are traveling towards Sofia, after the village of Dolno Varshilo and before Trajanovi vrata. They work without a day off until midnight, and in their menu, you will find a wide variety of oriental recipes. For 22 years now, master Zeki Oksuz has been offering the best of Turkish national cuisine and enchanting customers with overflowing plates and a number of specialties.

The prices of both places are quite affordable and they also have outdoor seating. Have you eaten there and do you have any other recommendations for us?