The House with the Crocodile was on the cover of a popular Bulgarian magazine for literature, and is already part of the shots of a number of visitors and guests of Plovdiv this year


The walls in the colorful Kapana district in Plovdiv are like a real fairy tale and it is no coincidence that a few years ago we prepared a whole guide with the most Instagrammable places. This text has become a real hit and we often find our favorite graffiti and colorful walls on social media. Of course, eye-catching locations have multiplied several times since then, and today we're going to tell you about the "hottest" spot these days.

The facade of the House with the Crocodile, as regular visitors to Kapana know it, began to take shape last summer. Using his previous smaller graffiti as a base, the talented artist Dimitar Mehandzhiiski - STERN created a whole magical story on the front and side of the old building. Right after it being drawn, a number of passers-by immediately took out the lenses and sealed the magical world, and subsequently we constantly spotted it in a variety of photos on the web.

Today the building is even more crowded and only a few days ago it became a natural continuation of the cult beer bar in Kapana - Cat and Mouse LOCAL. The concept here focuses on local beverage production, and the fantastic characters on the walls are the perfect backdrop for the various regional beer brands.

And after the obligatory photo of the facade during the day, be sure to go for a glass of beer or wine in the evening, when the discreet lights in the cozy hidden courtyard of the building are also ideal decor for creative photos.

The bar is currently open from 5 pm during the week from Monday to Thursday and from 10 am on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you don't want a lot of people, we recommend that you be the first in order to be able to find your best angle and seal the graffiti, the drink or just yourself in the perfect shot for Instagram.