The team of Lost in Plovdiv set out in search of the most preferred walls for beautiful shots


The creative district is colorful, full of life and is a favorite place of many Plovdiv residents and guests of the city. In recent years, colorful graffiti has appeared on every wall in the small streets, which quickly became the background of the most popular shots on social media. A number of influencers and brands come specially to the city under the hills to take beautiful photo shoots and present themselves or their products in the best way.

In this regard, the team of the only digital guide under the hills has prepared for all of you a short list of some of the most popular locations, so as not to wander through the maze, and have more time to relax in your favorite places.

The sgraffito of Yadroto

The last colorful work on the open stage appeared for a few days literally before our eyes a year ago on the occasion of the spring edition of Kapana Fest. Two young artists - Yordan Terziiski and Simeon Penchev, created a real fairy tale of colors and dyes, whose idea everyone can interpret for themselves. The owners of the surrounding cafés called it the Dream of Man because of the numerous symbols - unicorn, wheel, astronaut, bee, spiral… and the connection between them all.

Zlatarska St in the part without bars and restaurants

The area around Hristo Dyukmedzhiev and Zlatarska is one of the busiest in all parts of the day. Here are some of the most popular bars and life is in full swing from morning to night. Just a few steps from the small square to the side, however, there is a whole wall with shutters and colored graffiti on it. The intersection is not often used during the day, so especially during the week you can take numerous shots and try different angles and poses.

Abadzhiiska St

Photo:Multi Culti

The pavers from Club Bally upwards are also filled with a number of walls that deserve your attention. Starting with the graffiti around almost every bar, all the way to the umbrellas in the colors of the Bulgarian flag. Even photographed from above with a drone, the place looks very photogenic and impressive.

Yoakim Gruev St

Almost at the very end of the intersection you will find huge graffiti, made to order by the famous burger place across the street. The wall is like a kind of walk around the creative district and the colorful details are an excellent background to make your photos more memorable and full of color and brightness.

Georgi Benkovski St on the corner with Rayko Daskalov

This is also one of the newest works in Kapana. The wall presents a colorful still life of flowers and fruits, on which the bright summer outfits will stand out perfectly.

If we say that every corner is a shot won’t be an exaggeration, so grab the cameras and phones and seal your favorite places with the hashtag #lostinplovdiv. We are looking forward to other interesting locations in the comments to take a real Instagram walk together!