When an abandoned mine turns into a fabulous landscape


We’ll  soon be able to count the warm and sunny autumn days on the fingers of one hand and not to take advantage of the Indian summer is a crime. That is why the team of the only digital guide under the hills is ready for a new adventure that will amaze you with views and make you immediately take out your phone for the coolest selfie.

The Tsar Asen Mine is located very close to the town of Pazardzhik. We promise you that as you get closer to the place you will be impressed by the panoramic view all around you. The road is black and not well maintained at times, but the stretch is not too long.

It bears its name from the village of the same name in the immediate vicinity. In the past, non-ferrous metals were mined here, but after the reduction of mineral reserves, it was decided to close the mine, as well as many others in the area. It was flooded with water and, to this day, despite the heat and drought, it remains full. It is important to know that it is not suitable for swimming because it contains almost all the chemical elements in the Mendelian table. It is estimated that the depth is somewhere around 30-50 meters, and the interesting color of the water is mainly due to the copper content.

The landscape that unfolds around the water space seems extraterrestrial. There is a low hill near the mine, which we recommend climbing to get the whole panorama at a glance. The surrounding area is also very beautiful, with atypical landscapes, mainly due to mining activities in the past. Dozens of tourists come daily to find the place and embark on a race for the most Instagramable shot. The water level can be reached quite freely, but we recommend that you be very careful.

And we share some of the pictures of the young couple of Plovdiv travelers Aylin and Marin, who inspire us for this weekend's getaway: