After the temporary suspension of the entrance to Nebet Tepe due to restoration and conservation works, we reveal to you where you can enjoy an equally beautiful panorama


Access to one of our favorite points for watching the sunset and the city from above in Old Plovdiv - Nebet Tepe, was restricted at the end of August last year due to conservation, restoration, and socialization activities. The project is expected to last until the end of December, and this has left Plovdiv residents and tourists of the city without the opportunity to reach the most visited place in the reserve.

However, in May, almost on the other side - next to the Ancient Theater, the most impressive view of the Old Town in Plovdiv was revealed. At the beginning of the month, the Church of the Holy Archangels was officially opened, which was erected in honor of the ruined temple at the base of the hill, described by the German traveler Gerlach in the 16th century. Richly decorated inside with lots of gold, icons and a portrait of Metropolitan Nicholay, it is ready to welcome its distinguished guests.

Before, the Greek school, built during the Revival, was housed in this very place. The location is key and can be seen from everywhere - from Trimontium, from Tsar Boris Boulevard, passing through the Tunnel; there is hardly a person who passed through Plovdiv who doesn’t recognize it. This is the first building in Plovdiv built specifically for an educational institution. You can find a detailed history of it on the Pod Tepeto website, and for many years the whole area was overgrown with weeds and grass, which didn’t stop a number of enthusiasts from sneaking in there and admiring the view. A fence was then put up, and today we can again take advantage of the observation point.

Today in front of the holy place, there is a huge panoramic terrace, which reveals impressive views of the southern part of the city under the hills. A wonderful point for contemplation and enjoyment of the landscapes that the oldest living city in Europe reveals to us.

Beautiful photos by Dimitra Lefterova