A walk through the wonderful Rhodope Mountain with our colleagues from PLOVDIV TRIPS

Man is a traveler by soul and always seeks to discover the beautiful and the inspiring around him. That's why we from the team of Lost in Plovdiv always try to show you the places that are worth seeing, but through the eyes of the locals - those who are passionate about the journey and when they lead you they manage to convey to you the beauty of the city and the surrounding area not only with words but also with mimics and gestures.

A favorite route of ours is of our colleagues from PLOVDIV TRIPS, who tirelessly lead us around these parts of Bulgaria, where the moment you step in, you gasp ... and you stay there, albeit not physically but with a piece of your heart. They are a small but enthusiastic team of licensed guides who specialize in organizing day trips to the most impressive historical, cultural and natural landmarks in our country. The groups are usually small so everyone can feel the personal attitude and emotion they put into their work. Hours and location are customized to meet any requirements, so do not hesitate to look for them and visit all of the destinations that many before us have written about, captured and sealed in a photo or text. Our colleagues from PLOVDIV TRIPS lead their tourists literally to every corner of Bulgaria, but mostly to the popular landmarks in the region of Plovdiv and the country: Asen's fortress, Bachkovo Monastery, the Wonderful Bridges, Belintash, Starosel, Hissarya, Kazanlak with the Valley of Roses and the Thracian tombs, Koprivshtitsa, Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanasi, the Rila monastery, the Seven Rila Lakes, Musala, Sofia and others.

The Wonderful Bridges, Bachkovo Monastery and Asen's Fortress are one of their most preferred tours and most sought after by foreign clients. The most visited landmarks near Plovdiv are a compulsory stop if you are in the city under the hills for a longer period of time. The road to them doesn’t take long, and the licensed guides have a lot to tell you. They will take you from where you are staying and take you to the embrace of the mystic Rhodopes.

The walk begins with Asen's fortress, which is located above the town of the same name, offering fantastic views of the mountain landscape, the Thracian plain, and on a clear day Balkan Range.

The visit of the architectural monument takes us to past times and creates the feeling that history is quite alive around us.

The next stop is the Bachkovo Monastery, which is the second largest in Bulgaria. Thousands of believers, pilgrims, and tourists flock daily to immerse themselves in the tranquility and comfort that the visit brings here. Here the route passes through several churches and the largest panoramic fresco on the Balkan Peninsula. It is located on the outer wall of the refectory and depicts a birdseye view of the monastery with all the surrounding buildings from 1807. The icon of Hail Mary, which is considered to be miraculous is in the main church.

The frescoes restored in 2017 are exceptionally well preserved and impress the visitors with their brightness and variety of biblical stories. The surroundings are picturesque and especially during the warmer months, nature is suitable for both relaxation and picnic and full recharge.

The Wonderful bridges are the culmination and one of those places where one can only remain silent in front of the magnitude of the natural phenomenon. They are found at 1,450 meters above sea level and consist of two huge marble bridges, formed over the years by the earthquake and erosion of a once high-water river. They, together with the Bachkovo Monastery and the Asen's Fortress, are included in the list of 100 national tourist sites in Bulgaria.

The excursion can be held at any time of the year and we advise you to spend 6 to 7 hours on this remarkable walk that you’ll surely remember for a long time.

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