The team of the only digital guide in Plovdiv has selected 4 places where you’re going to lick your fingers


We're not fans of the offerings of big chains, but look for those hidden eateries, where they have delicious local alternatives and where we're happy to grab a bite when we're looking for something on the go.

BBQ Beograd

They are part of the new concept of the well-known Monroe in the city under the hills and present themselves as the place for the most delicious Serbian grill. Some of our team tried out their sandwiches and we can confidently say that we were quite satisfied. Fluffy bread, filled to the brim and abundant with fresh vegetables, fresh potatoes, well-baked meat/cheese and drizzled with a variety of sauces. The size is excellent and satiating for a long time. They are definitely becoming one of our favorites in the category.

14 steps Plovdiv

They opened very recently in the place of KoShiYam, exactly 14 steps above the Roman Stadium. During the week, they have a daily promotion with a sandwich of the day, which you can get at a discount. They are prepared with homemade village bread and first-class products and are certainly the better alternative to Plovdiv street food. In addition to the variations of sandwiches from all over the world, you can enjoy great fries, wings, ribs, smoked meat and some salads.


They are one of the first establishments in Kapana, long before it became known as the creative district. It all started with two boys and their common business dream. So, in 2009, they opened the sandwich shop among the many parked cars in the area and subsequently expanded into catering and home and office food delivery. Today, they quite successfully fit into the artistic environment, and with their love for sandwiches, they undoubtedly stand out among the many burger places in the neighborhood. They have dozens of options that everyone can complement with vegetables and sauces of their choice.

Trepach Sandwiches

This place is a true legend for the people of Plovdiv. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Botev Stadium and it wouldn’t be surprising at all if you see a queue in front of the otherwise unremarkable kiosks. Their true connoisseurs believe that over time they began to add fewer additives and the quality deteriorated slightly, but still for many these are the best sandwiches under the hills.

These were our ideas for delicious places in Plovdiv, and we expect you to share where you like to eat sandwiches in the comments.