The team of the only digital guide under the hills took a walk for you and tested a few different offers. Without claiming exhaustiveness, we have distinguished several of them

The article was updated in December 2021

The pizza is one of those appetizing foods, favorite to young and old, and capable of causing everyone to cheat their diet. It seems easy to prepare and is often preferred on the go, but it turns out that finding a truly authentic pizza in Plovdiv is not such an easy mission.

Toppings and products typically vary according to the culinary preferences of each nation but the traditional Italian recipe includes a minimum of ingredients.

The team of the only digital guide under the hills took a walk for you and tested a few different offers. Without claiming exhaustiveness, we have distinguished several of them.

We start with an undisputed favorite, namely the pizza with a charcoal crust in Osteria Rosmarino. Maestro Giuseppe Lomuscio will prepare Italian, regional and original meals for you, and will make you believe in the saying that "love passes through the stomach". We all know that Italians cook with much love and genuine passion, especially in Puglia, southern Italy, where Giuseppe was born. All products that are typical of Italian cuisine are imported directly from the land of the Apennine peninsula. The mozzarella, the main character in most of his home-made recipes, is supplied fresh each week by the factory, which has been part of the family business for more than 100 years. Its production is limited because it is based on quality and even in Italy it is not supplied everywhere.

The "crazy" pizza (Pizza Pazza) in Plovdiv is also not to be missed and there you can even eat it in a sweet version with thick chocolate topping and sprinkled with powdered sugar and sliced almonds. But for all traditionalists, we will immediately mention our preferences without sweet additives. Pepperoni is a classic recipe, but it is the authentic Italian sausage that gives it a slightly spicy taste that makes it so memorable. Tirolese is a real feast of cheese and meat delicacies, which combines soft and more saturated flavors in a unique way.

Next is a newly opened pizzeria, where the dishes are tastier than anything else. Pizzeria Speciale tempts us with its offers from September, but we already have a proven favorite. Be sure to try their mascarpone pizza, in which the amazing creamy product is perfectly combined with prosciutto crudo and Italian Napoli salami. We guarantee that you will lick your fingers and come back for more!

Our fourth recommendation is from one of our favorite restaurants, which has been in a new, even more central place since the summer. Pasta e Vino Petraglia is now Casa Petraglia and is located right next to Tsar Simeon's Garden. The larger space allowed them to expand their menu and you can now enjoy authentic Neapolitan pizzas there. Everything is prepared with products imported from Italy, especially its southern part, where Salvatore is from. Don't expect to come across Bulgarian recipes with corn and pineapple, or to be offered sauces and ayryan. Rather, they will encourage you to combine dishes with selected Italian wines and finish with a sip of home-made limoncello! We like their recipe with shrimp, and if you visit during their lunch menu - be sure to ask if they offer a pizza with pumpkin cream, mozzarella and salami!

We take you to the region of Trakia – in Amore. They opened their doors in 2014 and a few years later they became established as a name that all associate with coziness, good service, and very tasty food. They refresh their menu seasonally and the offers are varied and always with interesting ingredients. Try the interesting combination of gorgonzola with walnuts or the more specific taste of truffles combined with burata.

We won’t miss the place of the beloved Odeon, opened a month ago. They opened their doors on November 1 and are already tempting us with colorful shots of fragrant pizzas.

And where do you prefer to have an aromatic pizza?