The only digital bilingual guide under your hills takes you on a virtual tour of a place we're sure most of you have never visited


Going shopping for a prom dress or wedding suit in Stolipinovo!? To many, this may sound outrageous, but it turns out that in the very heart of the neighborhood there is a place that is most visited precisely because of such formal occasions.

The cooperative market in the ethnic area is the largest in Bulgaria and really offers an immeasurable amount of goods for every taste. At first it may look like any other similar market with piles of clothes and shoes on numerous stalls, but the deeper you go, the more different things you will come across.

Its main focus is definitely clothes for weddings, christenings, proms and circumcisions. They are loaded according to fashion in every season and amaze everyone with their opulence. A large number of outfits are presented and even successfully advertised on social networks, the most popular in the community is definitely TikTok.

The peak season is in the summer and the busiest day to visit is Sunday. This is most often the time of weddings and celebrations, and also most of the gastarbeiter return for their traditional vacation at that time.

The business of shops and stalls is in most cases a family business, and it is not strange to see several generations of traders, whose talent for selling is really in their blood. Some of the younger ones can even serve you in German, and in English and Turkish here and there.

Apart from formal wear, gold is the other commodity that is in high demand in these types of places. For the most part, it is imported and is sold with minimal processing, but like all products on the market, you will hardly find it anywhere else. Everything behind the counter here is lavish. Items are mostly bought on occasions when it is customary to give gifts and dress up the celebrants, and wedding jewelry is truly impressive!

In addition to being a place for trade, the market has been a traditional location for socializing, talking and making contacts since the past. Don't be prejudiced, because here you will be served with a smile and they are used to welcoming customers from everywhere. In its very center, you can have lunch with the most delicious beef kebabs, meatballs and adana in Plovdiv.

Some time ago there was a public transport stop in the immediate vicinity, but now you have to get off at the roundabout and walk 5 minutes from there. From the central part of the city, it is possible to reach it by bus number 6, 36, 26, 116. If there are those who wish to take a guided tour of the market area, it is a good idea to contact the Hayir Foundation by email: