The structures occupy a large space around the Central Square next to the Post Office and include a huge number of participants


The June weekend in Plovdiv is full of various and interesting events to visit. The last days of the first summer month the city is bustling with life and everyone is feverishly taking the opportunity to spend time outdoors, attend a concert or performance and see something new.

The Kapana Fest, which has become very popular for some time, is no longer held in the creative industries district, but takes up even more space on both wings of the square above the Gladstone subway. The stage is located between the Post Office and the Odeon, and the bazaar is on the west side.

In this album you can see all authors, modern craftsmen, artists, jewelers, potters, Bulgarian fashion brands and manufacturers of quality organic and natural cosmetics.

The event continues over the weekend and again the program is filled with charging sets and artists: