There are not many places that offer the long-awaited solitude on the outside, but there are still some - and today we have gathered them for you


Dozens of bars and restaurants, many people, music, the sound of glasses and plates - this is most often the atmosphere in the creative district in Plovdiv, especially on weekends. Literally every part of the tiny streets is filled with tables and at times it is even difficult to hear the people you’re with.

And while we know that when we are in the mood for a party and fun, this is something we’re looking for, we have prepared this article for the moments when we want to enjoy a little silence. There are not many places that offer the long-awaited solitude on the outside, but there are still some - and today we have gathered them for you.

Cat and Mouse LOCAL

The newest bar in the district not only attracts all photo lenses and Instagram fans with its colorful facade, but offers a rare privacy in Kapana. Its main part is comfortably nestled between the buildings and is ideal for anyone who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the street. Cat and Mouse LOCAL is mainly focused on the selection of quality beers and beverages that are produced in the region and are not mainstream and is a natural continuation of our favorite beer bar in Kapana - Cat and Mouse.

La Casa Kapana

The first and only pizza place in the district opened its doors in 2021 and, in addition to Italian specialties, tempts with a neat courtyard on the back of Yadroto. From this year, they also have a stable awning that will keep you in the shade in the hottest heat, and their offers are really worth trying.

Saborna 23

Right on the border between Kapana and Old Plovdiv, the restaurant is an extremely convenient location when we seek solitude and want to indulge with all our senses in the pleasure of good food. Combinations of Balkan cuisines in new and modern interpretations, garnished with fresh cocktails and complemented by a wonderful selection of wines - here you will not only enjoy the tranquility under the hills, but also quickly find your culinary favorite.


Going inside, you find yourself in the comfort of a wooden bar, which manages to transport you back decades with its atmosphere. Authentic, original and classic at the same time. Moving forward, you find yourself in front of the rabbit hole that leads to Wonderland. The stairs lead to the lower floor, where there is a stage where concerts, one-man shows, literary readings and much more are performed. To end the trilogy, we also suggest you try the food - in the summer there is a yard, which with its silence manages to remove you from the fact that you are in the center of the Center.


Amsterdam Restaurant is located in the heart of the city - between the colorful district of Kapana and Old Plovdiv, a stone's throw from the Main Street. Chef Yavor Kalinin and his team will dazzle you with a variety of experiences in one place and many tastes in one menu, and when you want to eat in peace - ask for a table in the inner garden.


Not exactly a courtyard, but a very secret terrace that you couldn’t know about unless someone tells you where it is. You can have coffee, a cocktail or something cool in the middle of a busy hot day in peace.

Old Plovdiv

Another terrace that towers over the crowded streets of the neighborhood, but offers tranquility and greenery. The restaurant is one of the oldest in the district and has long had its customers who prefer it for a casual lunch and for celebrations or an intimate dinner.