One of our favorite bars, Cat and Mouse, introduces us to people who not only masterfully pour beer, but also infect their good mood and funny stories.


Did you know that the first craft beer bar under the hills - Cat and Mouse - already has its own blog where you can get acquainted with the people behind the bar, read more about different beer styles, events and presentations? Well, in one of the first articles the main character is the first bartender, Geri, who is always ready for a beer conversation and will definitely recommend the best beer for you.

Introduce yourself

My name is Gergana. 26 years old.

How long have you been a bartender in Cat & Mouse and what keeps you here?

For four and a half years. The pleasant atmosphere keeps me, the wonderful people I work with, and last but not least our great clients!

What is Cat & Mouse for you?

I think I can safely summarize it in two words - a second home. I always enjoy being here and I’m always among friends.

What is your favorite beer? And which beer do you recommend most often to customers?

An impossible question to answer. I have so many favorites that I find it difficult to make my own choices. And to clients, after a short conversation, I recommend what I mostly think they’ll like right now, because a person prefers different things when in a different mood and at different times of the day and at the same time everyone has their individual taste, in accordance to which I always try to make my recommendations for beer.

So come talk about beer and I'll do my best to recommend the best for you!

Tell us a funny story from the bar:

One of my favorites is an extremely fun dialogue:

A woman comes to the bar with a question:
“Do you have lemonades?”
I answer:
“Yes, we have homemade lemonade”
She asks me:
“What's it made of?”
I say accordingly:
“Well, the lemonade is made of lemons.”
And then she exclaims:
“How so?”

And I was speechless! I literally didn't know how to answer the question, “Well, how's the lemonade made of lemons?”

How do you combine work with your interests?

When a person wants something, they usually find a way. Sometimes I wish the week was 8 days of 30 hours to be enough for work, university, sports, going out with friends and traveling around. But I also deal with the available option somehow - it just needs good organization.