Bohemian caricature gallery of Boris Dimovski is waiting to be discovered in the Old Town

“The Envy has no day off”. This philippopolis phrase welcomes you at the entrance of a less known, but remained and extremely valuable spirit temple – the caricature gallery of Boris Dimovski in the Old Town. It is located in the building of the Municipal Enterprise "Old Town", better known as operational Nacho House of Culture, where Atanas Krastev has conducted life in the architectural reserve.

The room is located on the ground floor of the building against Balabanov House. The so-called "briefings" Nacho - collection of coffee and drink with all of bohemian group of Plovdiv were held there. You can feel the aristocracy, artistry and spirit that carried the everyday life of Nacho, the Elephant, Yoni Leviev, Di Kiro and others, between the walls of the small room, named by Boris Dimovski “cafeexposition”. Cartoonist Dimovski has tinkered with the brush on almost every inch of the walls of the room. His paintings are even on the only window in the room and the door. Everything sits untouched, preserved and caring the spirit of those recent times. Even the coffee cups in the "office" are the ones used by the grand artists!

You will see all guests of the artists in the Old Town – from Ivan Andonov and Bateto to Radoi Ralin and Dimovski himself. They are painted on the walls. The caricatures tell stories about the habits and even bad vices of the big artists. Actually, this place is a treasury. It should be merchandised like our own Sistine Chapel, because it is a symbol of cultural peak that our city has put in the last century and from which, hopefully, will never come down.