The Path of Health route is a comfortable terrain both for a leisurely walk and for combining different intensities because of the sports facilities placed along it



Our next idea for a weekend getaway takes us to the pretty town of Koprivshtitsa, about an hour away from Plovdiv by car. There, however, we won’t explore virtually and walk through museums and Revival houses, but will take the Path of Health to get moving after the winter days.

On it we will go up to the area with a beautiful panoramic view - Voivodenets, and then in an almost circular motion we will return to the town again. Its length is 5 km, but it’s not very difficult, so it’s suitable for all ages. What is different about it is that there are sports facilities along the entire route - wooden parallel bars, rings, levers, etc., which makes it suitable not only for a walk, but also for physical training.

The Path of Health begins to the left of the house museum of Nayden Gerov, and at the first fork you should take a right along Doganova Street. You will reach a small square with a distinctive architectural ensemble, one of the symbols of Koprivshtitsa. From there you go to the left to find yourself in another square with a beautiful fountain. The legend of the creation of the city and the appearance of the first buildings in the past is associated with this perimeter, called Zhupa. You look up high for a large yellow building as a landmark and walk up to the right of it. At the fork, follow the left side in the direction of the forest.

At the end of the town, after the last houses, at the foot of a steep slope, the marking begins - with paint and signposts. From here, there are two options – to follow the markings and go around the steep slope by following a slightly more slanting, but not well-trodden path, or to go along the slope itself, on a large but steep forest path. Both options lead to the top of the slope, at the beginning of the meadows of the Voivodenets area, where the National Folklore Assembly takes place.

Our path continues to the right along the clearing through the forest, well-marked and signposted. You walk on flat terrain, in a forest, and you reach a signboard with a description of the route and the possible exercises that can be done on the equipment. At this sign the trail makes a slight right turn. Next comes the first sports facility. On the sides of the path there is a designated rest area with tables and wooden benches. After it, the route separates from the path and enters a tall pine forest. The direction is indicated by a pointer.

This way leads to the second facility. After it there is a marker and the road continues with a slight climb to the third facility. On the right side of the appliances there is a marking, the route continues along a small clearing descending through the forest. If you decide to use this part for running, you should keep in mind that the trail is sandy, littered with pine cones, pine needles and dry branches, and after a short hike it descends and becomes steep. At the end of this descent, the other appliances follow.

Continuing forward and you’ll come to one of the meadows in the Voivodenets area, where there is a sign that reads Koprivshtitsa and the path turns to the right. You’ll reach a large road. On the right is the forest and on the left are meadows In the lower part you can see the asphalt road from the railway station to Koprivshtitsa. You enter the city on a cobbled road and go along Ralcho Voivoda Street. This street leads to already familiar places that are passed at the beginning of the route.