The true aylyaks under the hills


Photos: Desislava Tsvyatkova, autumn_chocoholic

There is one breed of living creatures in the cultural capital of Bulgaria that is not like the others. And if we often write about the aylyak in Plovdiv, we can’t miss the biggest aylyaks. They may be spotted walking unconcerned past the tables of the cafés and bars, the paved streets in Kapana, or even laying unperturbed at any spot lit by the sun. The local cats are rarely scared of people and are more likely to come and sit near you than seek a place to hide. They are the real kings on Main Street and you will notice at least 2-3 every step of the way.

In many places around residential buildings and restaurants you can see a plate of granules and water placed for them, so the people of Plovdiv carefully take care of them and enjoy their serenity.

It turns out that they are often characters in the photos under the hills. For some, they pose playfully, while others carelessly ignore the camera. Here, these are the fluffy creatures through the lens of DesislavaTsvyatkova and some of your photos on social media: