And where do you shop for clothes, accessories, etc.?


The time after the Christmas and New Year holidays is the most favorite time for shopping fans. This is usually the time when all brands make big discounts, the percentage of which increases over time until the new spring collections arrive.

The only digital guide in the city has collected for you these sites in Plovdiv, which house various shops for clothes, shoes, accessories, appliances and offer a large selection of options for shopping and entertainment.

Mall Plovdiv

Mall Plovdiv is the first of its kind in the city under the hills and for more than ten years it has been a preferred place for Plovdiv residents and guests of the European Capital of Culture when it comes to indoor shopping and entertainment. In less than three hours you can renew the wardrobe of the whole family with brands of different price ranges, relax in the pastry shop or in the restaurant. On the top floor is the only cafe-bookstore in Plovdiv with a beautiful balcony, and next to it is a children's center for children from 2 to 10 years of age. Children have fun with a crazy maze and inflatable trampoline, a mini art corner, a children's library, a variety of Step2 toys, Fisher Price and Little Tikes. The attraction of the children's center is a terrarium with exotic animals. Ton Bonbon Mall Plovdiv doesn’t organize birthday parties and the center is always open for free visits.

The cinema in the shopping center has 11 modern halls, 8 of which are 3D, with a total capacity of 1,663 seats and is equipped with the latest generation of cinema equipment. Since December 2016, Cinema City Mall Plovdiv also offers a 4DX experience. The four-dimensional technology was created in South Korea in 2009 and entered Europe in 2013. With it, the effects stimulate the viewers' senses beyond the limits of the audio-visual experience in standard movie theaters.

Only on the territory of Mall Plovdiv in the city can you find a showroom of the leading retail platform EMAG.

Markovo Tepe Mall

Markovo Tepe Mall is perfectly located in the center of the city of Plovdiv, close to the pedestrian zone. It has a spacious panoramic balcony with a view of Bunardzhika and an Arena cinema with 6 screens, including IMAX and PREMIUM. On its territory there is a BILLA store and a gym from the Athletic chain. On the top floor with facilities, there is also a Capella Play children's center for the entertainment of children from 0 to 12 years of age, as well as a manicure and pedicure studio and an art gallery for drawing and wine. The children's center and the gallery are a good alternative for organizing children's birthday parties and themed events.

The sites in the mall include a variety of Bulgarian and foreign brands and allow you to find goods in a variety of categories - from fashion to beauty, accessories, technology, etc.

Plovdiv Plaza Mall

This is the largest shopping center in the city with an area of 36,000 square meters. You can find a diverse selection of fashion stores of leading global and Bulgarian brands, restaurants and attractions for children and adults on three levels. For lovers of extreme experiences, in the West Atrium there is a dedicated area with bungee trampolines and climbing walls for young and old. On level 1 you can take advantage of an Athletic Fitness facility, and for children there is a children's center for the younger ones and an amusement park with many games - push carts, spinning carts, mini bowling, 6D cinema, trampolines with a foam pool, billiards, gadgets, many electronic and arcade games that guarantee a new class of fun for all children, teenagers and parents.

In all three shopping centers you can take advantage of the car wash services in the parking lots.

GRAND Shopping center

GRAND Commercial Administrative Center is located in the center of Plovdiv and has a total commercial area of over 27,000 square meters. It is built on 6 levels:

• Level I: underground parking, 109 parking spaces, Disco

 • Level II: LEXI Supermarket - full floor

• Levels III and IV: 1st floor, 2nd floor - shopping areas, tourist agency, shops, pharmacy, banks, restaurants, children's center

• Level V: 3rd floor – commercial areas, shops, offices, bookstore, hairdressing and beauty salons, sewing studios and restaurants, accounting and law offices and others

• Level VI: 5th floor - administrative center - offices, dental offices, restaurants

All levels in the center are connected by escalators and elevators, with the latest security systems.

Hali Shopping center

Hali opened their doors in 1935, built with a project by the Sofia architects Elena Varakadzhieva and Gencho Skordev and became an important commercial site in the center of Plovdiv and a beautiful touch in the architecture of the city. Located on the Main Street, part of the spirit of Kapana and in the immediate vicinity of the Roman Stadium, the Hali building is an architectural monument of culture.

Reconstructed in 2002, Hali functions as a shopping center on four levels. Here you can find Bulgarian and foreign companies for women's, men's and children's fashion, leather clothing, accessories, souvenirs, gifts, dm drugstore, Billa hypermarket, a café and a pastry shop.

Forum Trakia Shopping center

Although in recent years it has lost its importance, this place in Trakia district is a collection of shops in various categories. Probably due to the pandemic, many of the sites have become empty and at the moment there is no place for entertainment, but many of the people in the area visit it and continue to shop there.