The Plovdiv guide is going to recommend to you the places with the best ice cream under the hills

Can you imagine the summer without your favorite dessert – ice cream? Over the years, the preparation of this temptation has become an art, and fortunately, we can boast that there are many places in the city under the hills where they have mastered it to perfection. If you plan to visit Plovdiv during the summer you’ll definitely want to cool off with the delicious dessert. That’s why the Plovdiv guide is going to recommend to you the places with the best ice cream under the hills.

Dolce Mela

Dolce Mela was born more than five years ago, when in searching of a charming little place which smells sweetly and delicious, a place where you can stick your head to the window not knowing what to choose, the owners decided that they are the people to create it. Dolce Mela is more than a cozy place where you can dive in the spirit of Italy and France, together with their best recipes. This is obvious from the elegant design of the confectionary but the taste which is always equally good is more important. It is obtained by daily searching for new tastes and recipes from all over Europe as well as after in-depth training of staff. The rich selection of Dolce Mela includes real Italian craft ice cream made from milk, cream and butter following the old recipe of Master Giuseppe of Sicily. In order to obtain this perfect quality, confectioners use only natural flavors of fresh fruit and chocolate.

Address: 34 Preslav St


MIXBOX combines the healthy and natural eating in an innovative way and at the same time it brings us back to our childhood reminding us of the delicious ice cream from the recent past. Their products are suitable for any time of the year and they will satisfy the desires of both people seeking healthy meals and those wishing to enjoy the ice cream dessert as a treat.
MIXBOX offers a wide variety of toppings, fruit, nuts, cookies and other additions and it gives its visitors the incredible opportunity to create their own perfect recipe. If you are looking for a friendly environment where you can set your imagination free and enjoy a dessert mixed by you, the topping bar of MIXBOX will amaze you with how different your ice cream can be every time.

Address: Mall Plovdiv, 8 Perushtitsa St

Ice cream house AFREDDO

Ice cream house Afreddo is one of the favorite places both of the citizens of Plovdiv as well as the guests of the city. Located on the main shopping street Afreddo offers a rich selection of unique gelato ice creams, ice cream cakes and other sweet temptations and the flavors are so many that you’ll want to try everything! Once you make your choice, you will find out why this place is always full.

Address: 2 Gladstone St

Dolce Felini

Dolce Felini offers its customers not just ice cream but true craft ice cream made by hand following authentic Italian recipes. Dolce Fellini is a time travel that takes us into a fascinating world where we can pamper every day with something new that we haven’t tried so far. The high quality of the ice cream is due to the fact that there they only use fresh seasonal fruits, pure whole milk and the best French cream. They are combined with the best hazelnuts from Piedmont, pistachios from Sicily, chocolate from South America and Africa, the purest vanilla beans from Madagascar and Polynesia, fresh cheese imported from Europe as well as the best selection of liquors and syrups and the result is an incredible artisanal ice cream. The delicious dessert is prepared in front of the client and the rich assortment will satisfy all the tastes and whims.

Address: 15 General Gurko St
6 Polkovnik Bonev St
Mall Plovdiv, Perushtitsa 8 St

Ice cream house Stenata

The incredible ice creams in Stenata are on everybody’s lips not only in the city but also outside it. And this isn’t coincidental – in this small and cozy establishment everything is prepared from natural products with a lot of diligence and love. The establishment has a garden with an amazing view of Bunardzhika hill and the combination of nice atmosphere, quick and friendly service and unadulterated taste is a guarantee for your good time.

Address: 7 Nikola Petkov St