The Plovdiv guide is going to recommend to you the places with the best ice cream under the hills


The article was updated in September 2020

Can you imagine summer without your favorite dessert –  ice cream? Over the years, the preparation of this temptation has become an art and fortunately we can boast that there are many places in the city under the hills, where they have mastered it to perfection. If you are planning your visit to Plovdiv in the summer, you’ll surely want to cool off with the delicious dessert. That is why the Plovdiv guide recommends you the places with the best ice cream under the hills.

Dolce Mela

Dolce Mela was born more than five years ago, when in search of a charming place that smells sweetly and delicious, a place where you stick your head to the window and don’t know what to choose, the owners decided that they are the people, to create it. Dolce Mela is more than a cozy place to dive in the spirit of Italy and France, along with their best recipes. This is evident from the elegant design of the confectionery, but more important is the taste, which is always equally good. It is obtained through a daily search for new tastes and recipes from all over Europe, as well as after in-depth training of the staff. The rich selection of Dolce Mela includes real Italian craft ice cream made from milk, cream and butter following the old recipe of Master Giuseppe of Sicily. In order to obtain this perfect quality, confectioners use only natural flavors of fresh fruit and chocolate.

Address: 34 Preslav St

Ice cream house AFREDDO

Ice cream house Afreddo is one of the favorite places both of the citizens of Plovdiv as well as the guests of the city. Located on the main shopping street, Afreddo attracts customers with its rich variety of ice creams and ice cream desserts, served in a nice atmosphere. The place offers a rich selection of unique ice creams, ice cream cakes and other sweet temptations and the flavors are so many that you’ll want to try everything! Once you make your choice, you will find out why this place is always full.

Address: 2 Gladstone St

Dolce Felini

Dolce Fellini offers its customers not just ice cream but true craft ice cream made by hand following authentic Italian recipes. Dolce Fellini is a time travel that takes us into a fascinating world where we can pamper every day with something new that we haven’t tried so far. The high quality of the ice cream is due to the fact that there they only use fresh seasonal fruits, pure whole milk and the best French cream. They are combined with the best hazelnuts from Piedmont, pistachios from Sicily, chocolate from South America and Africa, the purest vanilla beans from Madagascar and Polynesia, fresh cheese imported from Europe as well as the best selection of liquors and syrups and the result is an incredible artisanal ice cream. You can't help but pamper your eyes, palate and soul when real natural ingredients are used for the making, authentic Italian recipes and ways of preparation are followed, and to this are added the innovative ideas and culinary talent of the masters.

Address: 15 Gen. Gurko St

6 Polkovnik Bonev St

Ice cream house Stenata

The incredible sundaes in Stenata are on everybody’s lips not only in the city but also outside it. The place opened in 1991 and initially offered only coffee and juices, and Coca-Cola products were in short supply. Gradually, they introduced ice cream, and then skillfully decorated it with fruit, which made their sundaes a total hit. The toys for the ice temptations, which are their trademark to this day, also give a different and attractive look to the ice creams. The unique taste and visual combinations of the products in the sundaes suggest their unusual and memorable names - Salvador Dali, Baudelaire's Smile, Night Peacock Eye, and The Wall is received with amazement and enthusiasm by both young and old. They have a yard with a beautiful view of Bunardzhika, and the combination of nice atmosphere, quick and friendly service and unadulterated taste is a guarantee for your good time.

Address: 7 Nikola Petkov St

Gelateria Vivaldi

At Gelateria Vivaldi you will be offered an impressive variety of flavors. Their concept is to rely on more unconventional combinations and experiment with ingredients you probably don't expect to try in the form of an icy dessert. Gelato with sea salt crystals, Jack Daniel’s with almonds and Avocado are just a few of the offers that you should try if you’re an adventurer. Their combinations are amazing and it is definitely worth stopping by to get a pleasant emotion and joy for the senses and the palate.

Address: 24 Knyaz Aleksandar I St, Excelsior Shopping Center

Savini Gelato

A site of Savini Gelato opened in Plovdiv last year. They work only with organic raw materials for making ice cream. They veto the plastic, so all the cups and spoons they use are 100% biodegradable. Their dream is to make real natural ice cream - without ready-made mixes, colors and palm oil and they do it! Milk and cream are pasteurized at low temperature. They separate the whites from the yolks and start with the vanilla. They split the pod in half with a sharp knife and scoop out the seeds with a spoon, almost ready with their first taste. They carefully measure the amount of sugar to create a delicious and balanced ice cream. They continue with the processing of chocolate, hazelnuts, pistachios, which are traditionally offered there. They often offer seasonal fruit flavors in the form of sorbet, and if you come across lavender - be sure to try at least one ball!

Address: 17 Nayden Gerov St

These are just some of the ice creams offered under the hills. We have distinguished them as proven favorites of the team and our readers. We advise you to follow our other articles on the topic, in which we inform you about all the new places in Plovdiv and share our favorite and interesting tastes.