A complete list of places to take your kids for water adventures and training under the guidance of experienced instructors


Swimming is one of those sports that is not only fun to practice and develops all muscle groups, but also has proven beneficial effects on the body. Worldwide, there are more and more studies that encourage the introduction of the baby and the child to the water at an ever-younger age and recommend the inclusion of swimming as a mandatory part of the activities with toddlers.

The only bilingual digital guide in Plovdiv has gathered for you all the opportunities to practice in the city under the hills, where you can take your children for water adventures and training under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Babyswim Swimming for babies and children up to preschool age

The center is located in the Raiski kat 1 complex in Plovdiv. In it, the youngest babies, from 2 to 6 months of age, can swim in a bath with drinking water, with a temperature of 37 degrees, without chemical additives, and the lessons are individual and with an instructor.

Older babies and children swim with their parents in a 12x6 meter pool, 1.20m deep. The temperature is around 32 degrees and it is purified using a copper ionizer and salt hydrolysis. The changing rooms and adjacent rooms are adapted for comfortable changing and staying of the children and their parents.

There is also a small children's corner for relaxation and acclimatization, which is equipped with ecologically made wooden toys.

The swimming pool of Dimitar Matevski School in Trakia district

The sports facility can be visited both by students at Dimitar Matevski and by other children with an interest in swimming. Entrance is free for first-graders, students from 2nd to 12th grade pay an entrance fee of BGN 3, and the rest can buy a monthly card including 8 visits for BGN 80 or pay a one-time entrance fee of BGN 12. Used by Sprint swimming club with coach Tanya Mesrobovic.

Mladost 91 sports complex

It has a 25-meter swimming pool, a sauna, changing rooms with showers and a cafe. It is the most famous swimming complex in the whole city and is actively used by students of the Sports School. Classes are held with professional coaches in diving, swimming, synchronized swimming, etc.

Grand Hotel Plovdiv

In the relaxation center you can enjoy a heated swimming pool with Olympic dimensions and separate corridors, as well as a children's pool for the little ones. Training sessions are held with children and adults with a coach. The price for a one-time swimming visit is BGN 10 and it is possible to buy an individual card for 5, 8 or 12 training sessions with a teacher.

The Agricultural University of Plovdiv

The sports complex of the Agricultural University under the hills is located on more than 5 acres and includes a sauna, steam bath, hammam, massage center, medical spa, swimming pools, restaurant and football fields. They have swimming coaches for children and adults in different time ranges and styles - butterfly, backstroke, freestyle. The built infrastructure offers two pools, one of which is semi-Olympic in size, and the other is suitable for children and beginners with two levels of depth and the possibility of conducting rehabilitation activities and water aerobics. The swimming club of the university also uses the pool at Lyuben Karavelov School.

Hotel Ramada Trimontium Plovdiv

The indoor pool measures 28x6.5 meters. On one side of it is exposed an ancient Roman corner, revealed during the construction of the hotel. The pool is decorated in Roman style, preserving the spirit of history. Courses with coaches are held for adults and children.

Sila Sports Complex

A 25-meter indoor pool is available here, with four wide corridors and a depth of 150 cm. The green wall of living moss creates a unique feeling of oneness with nature, and group activities can be attended 6 times a week. Training for children is led by Ivan Ushev. The price for a single visit is BGN 17 for persons under 18, and the monthly card for 8 visits is BGN 110.