The pleasure of working in a coworking space in the heart of the creative district and with all the fun things happening at your fingertips


With rising temperatures and entering the height of summer, we increasingly want to alternate work responsibilities with a trip or vacation. Especially for those of us who are currently forced into a home office configuration and in most cases are only surrounded by the four walls in our home, escape at some point becomes absolutely necessary.

The place where you can easily alternate work with pleasure is not just a legend and is not by all means by the sea. City conditions can be the perfect location to feel like you're on vacation but working. We have already told you about the coworking space to perhaps the most famous and preferred beer bar under the hills - Cat and Mouse Coworking, and today we will reveal how nice it is to work here in the summer.

A typical hot July day, the sun shines brightly from the morning and Kapana slowly wakes up. This is also the best time to start your work. Here, life is still not in full swing and you can safely take your computer outside and enjoy the pleasant breeze, which, however, lasts only until noon. You drink your morning coffee in front of Cat and Mouse in the company of early risers and then indulge in your important duties. The best thing is that there are two completely separate halls available for coworking. At the same time, one of them is a door away from the outdoor tables. When you open it, you will literally immerse yourself in the casual atmosphere of Kapana. It is also super convenient for regular breaks. There is always someone around with whom to exchange words or simply cheer up with a sip of lemonade or another dose of coffee, which is free at the bar.

The coworking space is suitable for renting both for small teams (if you want to escape from the office for a day or two) and for individual use. Pets are also welcomed and they shouldn’t stop you to change the home environment.

All the most recommended restaurants under the hills are nearby, so foodies among you will never be disappointed. And after the end of the working day, it's time for the most deserved rest - with a glass of beer or a cocktail in hand.

Summer evenings are often long and full of fun and working literally in the center of events, you don’t need to look for popular places for entertainment. You leave your laptop and go either through the numerous streets where the party never stops in the open spaces or to the tranquility of Old Plovdiv, where you can combine it with cultural and historical tourism.

The possibility of remote work is becoming more and more real for a number of industries, but this doesn’t automatically mean a boring daily routine with moving only to our own kitchen for lunch. Use the months of good weather to experiment with new configurations, make interesting acquaintances, and have an unforgettable time, even while working.