Here are some of them that we know have positive reviews


The months of June, July and August are usually a huge challenge for parents with younger children who can’t be left alone. Before vacations, there is always some juggling of dates and preparing a strict and tight schedule, according to which each relative in the vicinity takes part of the days of summer break when the family is not out of town. And while for the younger ones in nursery and kindergarten age there is an opportunity to visit the children's institution, albeit in collective groups, there are rarely such opportunities for students in primary school.

Nevertheless, check with your school if they organize extra activities during the summer months, bearing in mind that these will not always be full-day. In order to have peace of mind that your child will be taken care of until the end of the working day, private initiatives and daycares under the hills come to the rescue. Most are off in August, but during the other two months you can enroll your child for a week, two, three or all working days. The fee varies between BGN 400-600 per month, with food often being paid BGN 5-6 per day separately.

Here are some of them that we know have positive reviews:

Daycares at the Rowing Base Plovdiv

In the space around the Youth Center you have a choice between several different projects, all of which are also linked to outdoor sports during the cooler part of the day. Tennis, football, dancing, gymnastics, volleyball, English language, art activities are just a small part of the activities you can expect there. In the hot hours, the emphasis is on preparing for school or quiet entertainment for an hour or two. Sometimes trips outside the city or visits to cinema screenings are organized. In most cases, children can be enrolled both for a whole month or two, and for a week, if there are free places in the groups.

Sports daycare at the Sila complex

It takes place in the months of June and July, and children can be enrolled for a week, two or a month. It usually starts in the morning with walks to the Youth Hill or Bunardzhika and then continues with a variety of sports such as swimming, yoga, break, adrenaline games, self-defense and all kinds of other entertainment. There is also the possibility of a warm and varied lunch.


MasterKids is a learning and gaming space entirely dedicated to children. The daycare has adjacent green areas as part of the complex, where the kids can relax between classes or spend time with friends outside under the supervision of the teachers. With them, you can count on additional foreign language courses, as well as countless fun and interest-based activities such as brain training board games, skill-building workshops, educational screenings, questions for discussion, games and outdoor sports.

Rainbow Daycare

They accept children from 1st to 4th grade.

The program for the day includes:

1/ Lessons in Mathematics and Bulgarian language (dictations).

2/ Stimulating reading - summer reading literature from the study list and other literature of choice

3/ I do interesting things - Art workshops, etc.

4/ Outdoor fun games – football, dodge ball and competitive and organized games, etc.

5/ Visits to sights and museums

Maggie Learning Center

Maggie’s Daycare was opened in 2005. It has two bases where the children are selected by age. The buildings are located in one of the most beautiful places in the city - next to the Tsar-Simeon Garden, with all the amenities that this place offers - an ideal center. Throughout the school year and, accordingly, in the summer season, quality training of preschoolers and students from 1st to 12th grade takes place here. The teachers are specialized in preschool and primary pedagogy, philologists and mathematicians. In addition to daily activities, they offer many additional exercises, tests and other forms of work that guarantee children's success.

Vseznaiko Children's Daycare

One of the newest daycares where, in addition to activities for the benefit of the students, they offer language courses, preparation for national external evaluation exams and various other activities. They are located in an extremely central location, behind the Plovdiv University’s Rectorate, and are a good alternative throughout the year.

YOPA School

In addition to language training in English this year, there are also opportunities for summer activities with an art workshop. It is valid for all three holiday months and includes gymnastics, outdoor walks and games, educational activities, projects, museum visits and all sorts of interesting things. Again, it can be either for a whole month or a week depending on the availability of the family.

British School of Sofia – Plovdiv/Markovo

The British School of Sofia Campus Plovdiv welcomes all children between the ages of 3 and 12 to its summer school. The program is a combination of English lessons (80 hours per month), sports and adventure. Children not only from Bulgaria, but also from all parts of the world are welcome to improve their English, have fun and keep unique memories.

Summer school starts at the end of June and runs until mid-August. The time of attendance is flexible and children can attend for a minimum period of 1 week.

Anglia School

For several years, summer schools have been organized here as well. They can be attended from the age of 2. Training can take place in the morning, afternoon or all day. The activities include, in addition to English language lessons, art activities, nature walks and many different activities to entertain the children and fill their time with interesting things.

Some of the mentioned possibilities are also valid during the school year, if you need additional preparation for the students, or during the other big vacations - winter and spring. Feel free to contact them for more details, and to add more tried-and-true options in the comments.