From juicy burgers to delicious kebabs, meatballs and cutlets - this is the place that meat lovers shouldn’t miss


Years ago, we told you the inspiring story of some of the most popular burgers under the hills. Starting with a stationary food truck on one of Sofia's streets, today they are already growing and offering their hit menu in many other locations.

From 2020 you can also find them in the Kapana district, and as connoisseurs of quality meat we know they have phenomenal offerings. We advise you not to miss the "star" - the Chefs Burger, and for the slightly more daring - we suggest combining the taste of a 100% beef burger with the distinctive sensation of melted gorgonzola. For vegetarians, there is the veggie option with cauliflower, chickpeas and red beans.

However, for some time now, Street Chefs Kapana have also had a few more special items on the menu, especially appetizing for fans of the grill. For all those who are looking for the traditional Bulgarian taste and want to enjoy something local are the meatballs or kebabs with a side of crispy fries.

Their cutlet is true magic on a plate. It is an extremely juicy delight with an amazing taste. The pork is tender and easily digestible, rich in protein and fat and a great choice for connoisseurs of quality products.

Of course, the burger menu also surprises us with several new flavors and combinations. There are also well-known favorites such as the Royal Beef Sandwich, in which the beef tenderloin is wrapped in a hot dog bun and carefully seasoned with miso sauce and chimichurri mayonnaise, which perfectly emphasize the taste of the meat.

Fans of ingredient-rich burgers should definitely try the Hell Of A Burger, made from 100% mature Bulgarian beef and topped with Provolone cheese that melts in your mouth for a truly rich sensation.

For starters, there are also fresh and tasty salads, and for the French fries we can safely say that they are one of the most delicious and crispy that we’ve tried.

Kapana is a must-visit destination for all foodies and fun-seekers, so you can't miss the Street Chefs, which have a great selection of outdoor and indoor tables and fit perfectly into the vibe of the district!