When art is everywhere around us


Photos: KrasiPetev

Street art has been known since ancient times and refers to anything that can impress passers-by and make them speechless and donate money if they wish. Artists most often make numbers such as acrobatics, tricks with animals, balloon figures, caricatures, clown jokes, comedy, dancing, singing, puppetry, pantomime, outdoor theater performances and more.

They practice their art in almost every corner of the globe, and the Romans are considered responsible for the term "street artist" because of their numerous voyages along the Mediterranean coast to Spain, the Atlantic Ocean and then up north from England and the rest of Europe.

Today, almost everywhere in the big cities, they are an integral part of the urban landscape and amaze tourists and locals alike with their sometimes unusual ways of expression. In Plovdiv, you can see them all along Main Street, most often the places where people congregate are in the area of ​​the square in front of the City Hall, in front of the Central Post Office and around the newest Kapana Gallery. Some of the most recognizable faces among the street artists in the City under the hills are the musician Mozart with the dog, the clown Chico with the balloons, children's favorite characters Minnie and Mickey Mouse and many more. You can often see performances from the students of the Music School in the evenings. With the title European Capital of Culture 2019, a lot of foreign actors are coming to Plovdiv, who act independently or in organized events and carnivals such as the Aylyak Parade and Caravan. Please note that in order to present your outdoor art to the public, you need a permit from the Municipality of Plovdiv. And if you prefer to just enjoy the art, do it with the photos of Krasi Petev: