Even in conditions of closed restaurants and limited opportunities for entertainment, Plovdiv is still magical and "awakens" for a new life


At that time last year we showed you almost apocalyptic shots of the first day in a state of emergency and lockdown because of the coronavirus, but today we chose the beauty of the city under the hills, because although closed once again - the magic of spring is all around us.

And if twelve months ago we didn’t know what awaited us and we stayed mostly at home, now we can walk through these beautiful corners of Plovdiv together and feel the magic of Plovdiv through the lens of Dimitra Lefterova. As our colleagues from Pod Tepeto wrote about her - she has a special filter in her eye for our city - she always sees it beautiful! And we are really happy to immerse ourselves in her shots. Recently one of the photos of a stork's nest became a total hit on the Internet and in the group with interesting places in Bulgaria it gathered over 15 thousand likes and 110 shares for mere hours! And we are all left speechless before our choice for the cover and the bird in flight with the background of the colorful rainbow, and enjoy with full eyes the life-giving power of nature. It once again reminds us that no matter what happens, beauty is always around us and we can decide for ourselves whether to focus on the negative or the positive in the world around us.

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