Which are the places which were here even before the expansion of the district


We have written so much about the establishments and workshops in the creative district that in this area we can hardly surprise you with something scandalous and new. In recent years, it is clear that the area is changing virtually every season and is gradually turning from a craft zone into a party place under the hills. Bars, cafes and restaurants are constantly being opened, but today we will focus on 6 places that were here long before the expansion in Kapana and may even seem atypical to tourists who visit it because of the endless party and busy nightlife.

We start with one of the most sustainable locations - Pet Shop Lyubov. The veterinary center is part of a chain of stores for pet food and medication. Although at the very end of the district, it has been known to every dog, kitten or other pet owner for many years.

The sewing materials shop on the corner of YoakimGruev and AtanasSamokovliev streets has been in Kapana for over 15 years. The owner did not change the street, but 7 years ago she changed the place by 10 meters. In the shop you can find all kinds of sewing accessories - threads, ties, fabrics, zippers, buttons and more.

Marukian Ironworks has not changed its purpose and place since the previous political order, and in fact it bears the name of a well-known Armenian family whose ancestor came from Turkey to Plovdiv in the distant 1925. This is one of the few retail outlets in Kapana that has not undergone major changes. It is known to all who at some point have made repairs in the area.

Elektrika Music Store is well known to the people of Plovdiv. This is one of the places that were also in Kapana before the district changed its appearance. Inside you can find DJ equipment, lighting for clubs and restaurants, various accessories, as well as tickets for music events.

Melanit - Plovdiv Art Gallery has also been in Kapana for quite a while. It opened in the distant 1993, and today it has already gained popularity with the richest collection of Bulgarian silver jewelry of Bulgarian artists, which is constantly being updated. You can also find plastics, paintings, icons, art souvenirs and more here.

The last place is well known to all our readers. The Sofia-T bookstore opened its doors in 1991, and the furnishings are completely in the spirit of Kapana - a combination of wood and marble. In one of our recent texts, we introduced you in detail to its story, and we urge you to visit it to experience the atmosphere and smell of a centuries-old wood, stone, the sense of bohemia, culture and history.