Experienced guides take us through the most emblematic buildings in the city center and tell interesting facts about their history and function


Discovering Plovdiv as a tourist, even if you are from here, is an unforgettable experience that we shared with you in detail some time ago. The free walking tour is one of the obligatory musts we recommend you to do in the city under the hills, and in addition to it, the Free Plovdiv Tour offers two more options.

We also talked about the graffiti tour in 2019 and after dozens of lockdowns and shocks around the coronavirus we can safely confirm that it is currently held every Sunday from 11 am. Plovdiv Graffiti Tour is not a traditional way to explore the city, but gives this specific look at the place you can't find on your own because only a local can show you.

Today we dedicate our text to their latest product - Socialist architectural tour under the hills. Currently, according to the schedule, it occurs regularly every Saturday from 11 am. The place to start all the tours of the organization is in front of the building of the Municipality of Plovdiv, and last weekend our guide was our favorite Adi.

The purpose of the walk is not to flood you with facts from socialism, but rather to distinguish the buildings from the period in the city center and to tell more about their functions then and now, as well as curious stories about their construction.

We have introduced you to many of them in our publications such as 5 emblematic socialist buildings or specific articles dedicated to the Central Post Office and Bingo Balkan, but the feeling of seeing in front of you what is being presented to you is irreplaceable!

We start our tour with Adi from the former Balkan cinema and then continue to the Party House, the Post Office and the Ramada Princess Hotel, better known to the people of Plovdiv as Trimontium. The first sod for its construction was made in 1954, and it was officially opened on September 2, 1956. The design of the building is by architect Boris Yolov, and the execution of architect Stefan Todorov from Plovdiv in the style of Stalinism. The name Trimontium was chosen by its first director Vladimir Kostov.

Then we continue the tour around Tsar Simeon's Garden and some iconic buildings nearby to find ourselves in front of the House of Culture and then on Gladstone Street. The tour is in the form of almost a circle and ends in front of the Cosmos cinema, which we hope will soon be able to regain its glory from the past so we don’t look at it in all its glory only in archival footage.

We won’t reveal all the stops, because we definitely think that whether you are a tourist or a native of the city under the hills - you will find something new and useful in the fascinating story of the guides and you will look at Plovdiv through different eyes! The whole talk is in English and will inevitably take you back on the path of memories if part of your life has been spent during this political system.